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Orchard Toys – Where’s My Cupcake? Review and Competition

Where’s My Cupcake? The answer to this would normally be followed by in HoniesKitchen, because like many families with young children, cupcakes are something we like to bake every now and then as often as we can! I have being … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday 17/07/11

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My New Training Companion – SIGG (competition)

Read on to enter the COMPETITION to win ‘your choice’ of SIGG Eco Bottle … I have recently found a new companion to train with: he keeps me company; compliments the look I want; fits in well with the environment … Continue reading

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Show-off Showcase – Challenges not to be Missed

This is a picture taken of my Daughter K’Boo (4 years) while on a day out at nearby Haigh Country Park, nr Wigan, Lancs. I love this picture as it reminds me of all of the innocence of childhood and … Continue reading

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Children Say! (the funniest things)

They melt your heart from the moment they arrive in the world, they have your attention with every new thing they learn, every step they take and as they start to develop their skills, they leave you brimming with astonishment … Continue reading

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Incy Wincy Party Pieces Climbs the Twitter Spout

I came across Incy Wincy on Facebook and liked the look of it instantly. Luckily, they have sent me one of their ‘Girls will be Girls’ Party Boxes, so now I can tell you what’s so nice about them. Firstly, … Continue reading

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So What’s New?

Well, I have a long list for blogs to come, but it’s as long as the list of ‘need to do today’ in my personal life – don’t get me started on the ‘to do list’ that’s well overdue about … Continue reading

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Well this is nice

After seeing rather a few of my new Twitter friends use Word Press, I thought I’d give it a whirl. Seems friendly enough, perhaps it might prove to be more user friendly and more importantly, because I have varied things … Continue reading

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