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Fruit Loaf (made in the bread maker)

The smell of bread baking in the kitchen is so memorable, you want to repeat this every day. The smell of fruit loaf baking in your kitchen is like Easter, Christmas and visits to Grannie’s house all rolled into one. … Continue reading

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The Humble Chick Pea – Recipes and Why its Good for You

The humble chick pea. High in protein, low in fat, low in salt, good at reducing cholesterol, high in fibre, full of vitamins (A, C, D, B12, B6), minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron), extremely versatile, vegetarian and tasty! You’d think we’d … Continue reading

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White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Cups

White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Cups One of the best things about Halloween, is the food you can create. Pumpkins make great decorations and are great festive fun, but you can use the flesh scooped out before carving to make some … Continue reading

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Carrot Cake Muffins (deliciously moist and with a luxury cream cheese topping)

This deliciously moist carrot cake recipe is finished of with a luxury cream cheese topping and is definitely one for a ‘cheat’ day if you are watching the calories. Although it’s perfect for the kids with the cream cheese topping and … Continue reading

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Cup Cake Toppings to Die for (glace icing, royal icing, butter cream, cream cheese frosting)

There will always be cake!  But what you use as a cake topping can, to coin a phrase, can be ‘the icing on the cake’. Follow these recipes for a perfect topping of your choice, depending on the cake recipe. … Continue reading

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Spice up your Valentines Day – Chilli Chocolate Truffles are Hot Stuff!

       Spice up your Valentines – Chilli Chocolate Truffles are Hot Stuff!. A Selection of Chocolate Truffles  for you to make for your loved one this Valentine’s Day – easy to make and sure to put a smile … Continue reading

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Chocolate Sponge Pudding (Fast and Fabulous)

This quick an easy Chocolate Sponge Pudding is just the thing when you have lots of children to entertain (and feed) or you have unexpected guests with a sweet tooth. Preparation is very easy and because you are using a microwave, … Continue reading

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Chicken, Tomato and Basil Flatbread (a Pampered Chef Cooking Show Favourite)

Cooking Shows with Pampered Chef are great fun and Chicken, Tomato and Basil Flatbread is a firm favourite for Hosts to choose as a recipe. I love it when a Host chooses to make this recipe and the Guests always … Continue reading

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It’s what HonieLikes – Pampered Chef (my new love affair)

I’m having fun, keeping busy and doing what Honie likes to do best, well I hope you think I do my best! And where does The Pampered Chef fit in with this new found fun and busying of myself. I … Continue reading

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Tasty American Style Pancakes in HoniesKitchen (inc. gluten, sugar, dairy free)

Here’s how to make tasty American style pancakes for the kids (including the big kids) and you can even choose to make them gluten, sugar and dairy free! This recipe is extremely easy and fun for the kids to join … Continue reading

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