Story Box & Discovery Box – Bayard Magazines Review

Just before Christmas, I was asked (by Pass it On Media) if I would like to write a review of a children’s publisher Bayard Magazines – who produce 3 magazines suitable for children: Story Box (3-6 yrs), Adventure Box (6-9 yrs) and Discovery Box (9-12 yrs).

As I have a 4 and an 11 year old, they sent me Story Box and Discovery Box to read and review.

Story Box (3-6 years):

Is a full-colour magazine that is actually more like the glossy, wipe clean square books that suits this age group. It is quite different from any of the magazines available to children these days.

Firstly the only advertisements you will see are related to the publication and how to get hold of them (no toys, telly or third party offers in there).

Given that the audience is not just UK based, a traditional European feel comes across in the publication.

The illustrations are very good and will appeal to children of this age.

The contents are clearly listed and you will find:


A monthly story (this issue 21 pages) for your children to enjoy with details of the illustrator and author to investigate further. The story this month was ‘A Night to Remember’ and the story and illustrations were less westernised (like a Swiss mountain scene story) – gorgeous!

Wonder with Whizkid

Science for the younger ones to get their teeth into – colourful, interesting and understandable. This month was ‘Why the Stars Shine’


The smallest of big heroes comic strip. This month SamSam saves a baby penguin from the Ice Monster.

Animal World

A well illustrated fact file on animals around the world with a story line to help children understand them. This month was about ‘Mountain Hares’.


Fun and Games

This month’s puzzles and activities are based on ‘Fun in the Snow’.

Time for a Rhyme

This month’s poem written in Austrian and English ‘A little Pointed Hat’ was about a snowman and was beautifully illustrated.



An adventure without words (for you to let your imagination do the talking) and lead you into a world of dreams.

Discovery Box (9-12 years)

I read this through and then handed it to my 11 year old when she came home for a ‘real opinion’ in this age group. Her initial response was ‘won’t have time to read that’ – but when she did pick it up all I heard initially was “Awwww, awwww, that is so cute”. That would be the article about baby bats saved by a dedicated centre in Australia titled ‘Bat Orphanage’ showing pictures of the baby bats wrapped in little blankets.

This publication was jammed packed full of lots of facts and interesting information.

My 11 year old was impressed with this publication – this I know because she didn’t put it down till she’d finished it and then had to show to a friend when she called round. “Look at these cute bats” was the introduction.

Girls of this age are not often distracted from clothes, make-up and the latest pop idol, but Discovery box got at least 15 minutes (a hit then!!!)

Flicking through myself, I can see that this would interest any 9-12 year old and even leave them impressively knowledgeable about the facts therein.

The highlights in this month’s issue were: Meteors, the Bat Orphanage, the Journey of a Wolf, Rubbish Disposal, Spartan soldiers and there was even a Monet poster. As well as facts there are puzzles, competitions, tasks to complete and a section encouraging readers to write in.

All in all I thought that these magazines were lovely, bright and a little bit different from other magazines on the market. More importantly both of my children (aged 4 years and almost 11 years) enjoyed reading them – enough said!


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