SnugBaby Deluxe Sling Review

When Claire Willis (Mum  entrepreneur) asked me to review one of the SnugBaby Deluxe Slings, I was over the moon.  I love baby slings and think that they are one of the best baby buys you can make (provided you make the right choice).

There have been around for some time now and there are many on the market, but just because they claim to be all singing/all dancing/approved by  ….  doesn’t make them the ‘natural choice’ for you.

My previous experience in life is as an advanced sports and holistic therapist for over 12 years, treating many clients with back problems (including Mum’s of babies and toddlers). My own previous experience of baby slings had been to look for one that says it will do all that ‘I think I need’ – physio approved, adjustable straps, built in back support, to name but a few gimmicks to get you to buy a particular model ….. but I always found them difficult to fit, hard to adjust when on me and well, not very practical at all. Hence after all my trust in the manufacturer’s claims and the endless shopping to find one, I wore them a handful of times and then they remained in the box.

Over the years I have seen many Mums wearing fabric slings and thought they looked a bit hippy at first, but you know what – they’ve grown on me!  Not only do the Mum’s that buy them use them ‘frequently’ they claim that they are comfortable, easy to use and love them.

Let’s face it, the fabric sling has been around the longest and it’s the most widely used. With no plastic attachments to navigate around and straps to pull, the fabric wraps around you and fits directly to the contours of your body and has maximum adjustment, minimum fuss and no need to fidget and re-apply once it’s fastened to you.  They are flexible and as well fitted as you wish them to be, each and every time you wear them and as your baby grows.

Well, given they’ve been around for so long, was their room for improvement?

It would seem that it has been possible to improve and Claire Willis of SnugBaby has done just that.

Her slings are ready made mei tai style baby slings, adjustable from birth to a 15 kg toddler and can carry your baby facing front, back or on your hip. They come in a variety of gorgeous colours with an accent panel in a variety of designs to suit you and your partner. SnugBaby have a basic sling and a deluxe sling and all slings come with a matching tote bag (making it very portable) and an instruction booklet – that is easy to understand (with pictures!).

They ‘are’ easy to tie and comfortable to wear and the babies weight is ‘not just on your shoulders’ and the weight is distributed through your back due to the wide padded straps – these are a lovely feature of the sling and make it so much easier to put on and adjust as well as adding comfort.

The sling I tried was the Apollo Deluxe version, which has a cobalt blue base and a ‘star studded’ design panel on the front panel.  The colour is very bold and the contrast of the panel makes for a very modern design and not the hippy look I originally tagged these slings with – all of the designs are lovely and there is bound to be one that suits you.

I took the sling to a children’s party, where I knew that there would be several Mum’s with babies and all that tried the sling (various sized babies and toddlers) agreed it looked good, was easy to put on and was comfortable.

I left the sling for 1 week with another Mum and this is what she had to say:

“I thought the seating position for the baby was excellent, really comfy and I loved the design ( I also had a look at the website and thought they were all lovely). It seemed very well made, from good quality materials. Overall I really enjoyed using the sling and found it very comfortable to use. It was very comfortable for my back. Stephanie seemed to really like it, especially as it seems to hold the top of her body more loosely against mine (than in the wrap sling), but yet still feels very secure. She was much happier tummy to tummy in the Snugbaby than any other sling I have tried as I think it has just the right balance between allowing her some freedom to look to the side and being held securely. I’m not sure how good I would be at using it with a smaller baby (Stephanie is 5 months). It seems very well suited to older babies.

My tips for using the sling would be – tying it in front of  a mirror when you are getting used to it helps, coats with hoods and slippery fabric make it harder to tie and watch out for your dog standing on the straps when you are putting it on!

I would happily recommend this sling and think it is worth the money. I could definitely see myself using it until the weight limit was reached as it distributes the weight of the baby well so you would get lots of use out of it. I loved it!”

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The SnugBaby sling is made from Oeko-Tex accredited 100% cotton meaning that parents need not worry about any potentially harmful dyes and so easy to wash, with no attachments for dirt (and baby sick) to get stuck behind. The sling is British manufactured and complies with the BSEN 13209-2:2005, the highest safety standard available.

If you are still unsure about whether this is the sling for you, check out their website and read the testimonials from other Mum’s I’m not one for making snap decisions and believe in the power of recommendation – if it doesn’t work, then there will always be someone to tell you so.  The site includes a video of how to put the sling on which is always an advantage, if you are unsure.

Does this sling do what it says it should do?  Yes it’s comfortable. Yes, it’s stylish. Yes, it’s self adjusting. Yes, it offers good support. Yes, it’s suitable for small babies and toddlers.

And Yes, I would buy this sling.

Apollo Deluxe Sling available from SnugBaby at £65.99


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2 Responses to SnugBaby Deluxe Sling Review

  1. I loved wearing my baby! I had one of those front-facing carriers though, and I really wish I had a sling instead. For one reason – so he would have been looking at me a lot more and been able to reference me. You know, a little autism intervention early on.

    • That’s a great reason for wanting a baby sling Brenda and you can’t beat that one on one or face to face contact – they learn so much from you early on and the re-assurance is invaluable. Thanks for pointing that out!

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