My Cuppa Tea – Crafty ‘Time Out’ for ALL of the family (Competition)

Busy, busy, stressy outy, run around in circles Mums. Yep, that’s You and Me and most of the population that take their role of parenting seriously …….. hardest job in the world with the best rewards (even if it is to see them look cute as they finally sleep).

But what is ‘Time Out’ and just where can we get it? There’s some here at ‘Time Out for Mums‘.  Well advice is good, but it’s time we put it into practice, isn’t it???

Here is a moment I get to remind myself of every day

My cuppa tea!

I painted this mug while enjoying time with the whole family – but given that we were totally pre-occupied with our own creativity we called ‘Time-Out’ too:

HonieDaddy painting his version of US love on his own mug; H’Boo painting an Autumn theme  on her mug and taking it all so seriously (a perfectionist, she is – but very creative!); O’Pops re-living football frenzie and despite him struggling a bit with his CP – really exploring his creativity; K’Boo just having a great time and enjoying letting her creativity run wild (with approval – not like when she chooses the lounge wall as a canvas).

So HonieMummy got to take some real ‘Time Out’ and enjoy letting the family share a fabulous creative experience – everyone in their own mindset, free to make their mark and the joy of taking it home afterwards.  Not straight away – there is a week of anticipation and it’s a bit of a tense moment and Christmas all rolled into one when we turn up to collect our masterpieces. They always look great!  Furthermore, we get to display them with pride and they are the talk of visiting family and friends for years to come.
I can’t think of a better way to spend family time that everyone is happy with, to allow creativity (no matter what your ability is), to be able to take home the experience and even catalogue how your children grow and develop (if you re-visit at least once a year).
I personally recommend taking your family to a venue where you can paint pottery and have it fired afterwards.
My favourite venue is Fired4U, Hennel Lane, Bamber Bridge (nr Preston) mentioned in this post .
Jayne @Fired4U is a very experienced and friendly lady, who welcomes you into her fabulous studio and helps you and your family have a fabulous, creative time (giving  crafty hints and tips on making the experience more fulfilling).  She holds workshops and themed days that accommodate families, groups, events, parties, all abilities and all special occasions. You can paint pottery for yourself or have Jane create something for you and they make fabulous gifts and memory keepsakes.

Contact Jayne on 01772 203060, tweet @Fired4U or

If you would like to get your hands on a mug ‘like’ the one I painted above (you can’t have mine, of course), designed and painted by Jane (see her website for designs) ‘or’ you would like to come in and paint your own to take home, then ….

1)  Tell me what your idea of ‘Crafty Time-Out’ is in the ‘comments’ box below. i.e. “My idea of crafty time-out is ……..”


2) Follow me on Twitter via tweety bird below

3) Follow  Fired4u on Twitter

For extra entries (1 extra entry for each of the following):

*** Jayne will either send a voucher for you to come into the studio and paint your own mug with tips and advice on best results ‘or’ she will take your order of a choice of designs on her gallery for one mug. If you are lucky enough to win this fabulous prize, we will need full contact details to send either your choice of design or the studio session (inc. mug) voucher to you.  **

Competition Closes: 31/03/11  at 11:59 Winner selected at random UK entries only PLEASE

***** Good Luck *****

Disclaimer:  I am not an employee of Fired4u, nor have I any connection to them. I have not benefited financially from this review, but have made reference to my own personal experience as a customer, showing a product I made and purchased myself. I was not approached by Fired4u to write this review, but instead offered to write the review (and host the competition) as a result of how much we all love it here at the HonieHouse.  I only ever write reviews that are applicable to the HonieHouse or that we feel passionate about.
Fired4u ticked all the boxes and I am happy to provide an impartial view of our experience of the facility and products available.

Announced April 1st 2011 at 9.45am: The winner of the @honiebuk & @Fired4u #competition drawn randomly is ……. @claireishoop Congratulations!


About HonieMummy (HonieBuk)

Vegan Mama. Organic Gardener. Guider. Admin for Veganuary and run my own Plant Based /Dairy Free page. Mum to 3, Wife to 1. Allotment holder and growing from home. Currently trying 'Back to Eden' method and studying a Diploma in Organic Gardening. Guide Leader and all round Super Woman (well trying to be) 😁🌱
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33 Responses to My Cuppa Tea – Crafty ‘Time Out’ for ALL of the family (Competition)

  1. Dont forget to leave your comments here. …. “My crafty time-out is painting pottery at Fired4u”

  2. My crafty time out is making jewellery. I have been very busy making tiaras and hairpins for my friends wedding. I am also trying my hand at making a wedding cake topper! So far so good!

  3. @CRYSTALmse says:

    My idea of Crafty Time-Out is making cards and personalising photo frames =o)

  4. claire says:

    That sounds amazing! My idea of crafty time out, is to unwind with papercrafting, which is also practical as i make handmade cards and get to keep treasured memories in scrapbooks, but i would love to have a go of that activity!

    i have followed all steps for extra entries


    • Oh don’t get me started! I love the idea of scrapbooking and even have boxes of things to put in them – have I found the time to do it? I think I’m a bit worried that I’ll over-do it and have hundreds of books around the house

    • Congratulations to you Claire for winning the competition. Please DM me your name, address and choice of whether you want to attend @Fired4u to paint your own mug or for Jayne to send a hand painted mug to you.

  5. Elaine Livingstone says:

    my crafty time out is knitting and cross stitch

    • Ah, now, I used to cross stitch – this is one thing I found I could do without messing up lol. It’s not as easy as it looks though and is very time consuming – I would have to book a week away form the children to do a project now (mmmh! there’s an idea)

  6. sherie buck says:

    My crafty time out is Jewellery making.
    I love the colours of all the beads, I can loose myself in a tray of beads 🙂
    following on twitter @RedRoses4 and done all the entries stated above.
    thank u for the nice giveaway too x

  7. Nicola says:

    My crafty time out is baking . I like to try recipes that I’ve never done and experiment on my husband !

  8. T-J Hughes says:

    I love going to Fired 4 U as well, and managed a crafty pre-Christmas treat painting a Father Christmas nightlight last year!
    Would love for it to be regular, but when I can’t I enjoy cooking, gardening (certainly need to do more of this!), and would like to get back to crafts….not possible just yet! Fab competition!

  9. confessionsofacompaholic says:

    My idea of a crafty time out – is from home as i’m disabled. Normally with my little 3 year old neice Lisa-Marie.
    We’ve had a go at card making, jewellery making, gingerbread making and baking, cupcake decoration and various other activities that involve getting messy!
    I follow both on twitter as @sandyhallett

  10. Pingback: Blog Giveaways Regular Post #1 | confessionsofacompaholic

  11. Lucy Vassallo says:

    My crafty time is baking with my lil girl.who love sthe mixing and eating mixture stage the most…folowing on twitter @lucythebaker

  12. Christina Curtis says:

    My crafty time out is baking with my niece. She loves to help out and get her hands dirty

  13. Samantha (@totallydot) says:

    I like decopatch. Redid a boring bathroom mirror recently, looks much snazzier now and adds a bit of something unique to my house.

    Love your mugs, saw it above and said ‘Wow’.

  14. sarah allcoat says:

    My Crafty time out is ..anything that involves colour & texture. Art, knitting, embroidery, cardmaking, jewellery, cooking, I do it all mood dependent. But my daughter whom I did myriads of things with all through childhood hasn’t inherited my love :(. She loves her art and photography but doesn’t love the play element that I do about crafting!

    Have tweeted x


  15. Jane Willis says:

    My crafty time out is cardmaking. I can get so engrossed I forget the time – and even forget to eat! I don’t sell any cards but I do make a lot for charity. I use all sorts of papercrafting techniques but my first love is stamping.

    Have tweeted @janesgrapevine

  16. judithsbooks says:

    My idea of crafty-time-out is a comfy chair, and knitting – with a nice cup of tea. I need a new mug – perhaps I could win one?

  17. judithsbooks says:

    I am following you and Fire4u on Twitter.

  18. Margaret Jeffrey says:

    Have just returned to knitting! Knitting a doll dressed in Welsh costume at the moment. Love the mug!

    • Well, the mug is my own handi-work! And I was lucky enough to get the time to do it while enjoying time with my family – but a mug ‘just like that one’ could have your very own handi-work on it, to enjoy and remind you of your ‘Time-Out’ every time you have a cup of tea (or coffee).

  19. claire says:

    Just seen the extra entries – I subscribe to your blog

  20. claire says:

    I have joined Jane mailing list

  21. claire says:

    I have tweeted the link


  22. lorna garratt says:

    My crafty time out is baking with my 2 sons they love it,

    following and tweeted

    all the best


  23. Laura R says:

    My idea of a crafty time out is lots of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen!

  24. Thank you for all entries, this was a fun competition and hope to have a lot more like it soon.

    The winner is @claireishoop who will select whether to attend @Fired4u to paint her own mug or for Jayne to send a hand painted mug to her – Congratulations!

    The winner is also posted at the foot of the competition blog.

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