Cadbury’s Creme Egg: Spot the difference (competition)

I’ve had a few laughs on Twitter this afternoon and the company was a wee bit funny – a ‘wee’ bit being the correct word as I did almost PMSL a few times (tena lady anyone?).

Anyway, throughout the morning it was apparent that I had a ‘Cadbury’s Creme Egg’ in my fridge amongst some salad and other healthy stuff, such as Activia (oh please!).

Various tweets were shared about the egg (here’s some):

  @honiebuk Lynne M-F

There is a Cadbury’s Cream Egg staring at me every time I open the fridge – it’s on top of the salad …….. OK, my next move is?????


 @willbuckley William Buckley


@honiebuk CREAME EGG ON TOP OF THE SALAD!! Very Heston Blumental…



 @honiebuk Lynne M-F


@willbuckley lol, it’s still in it’s wrapper – so is the salad. You confuse me with a domestic goddess – it’s the other sort!



 @Scottish_Mum Scottish Mum


@honiebuk ooooh, you are making me jealous with teh creme egg. Not listening at all. Lalalala



So what happened next: 


Well here’s a little bit of fun and a ‘not so serious’ competition for you to take part in. Take a look  at the pictures below and see if you can spot the difference.


**Answers in the comments box below and please, make sure I can contact you.**


The funniest answer gets a Cadbury’s Creme Egg all to themselves (that bit I am serious about) ….. but you have to be:


1)Following me on Twitter

2)Subscribed to this Blog (to the right)



Open to UK only (sorry) and closes Wednesday 23nd March 2011 at 10:00 (I’ll announce the winner on Thursday evening).



Facebook Users: If you are not in my ‘friends List’ you need to request to be or set up a Twitter account and then click on my Twitter ID @Honiebuk

– then follow.





Here's the egg ..... before!

Now look carefully, the answer may not be obvious …

And after ........ spot the difference!


About HonieMummy (HonieBuk)

Mum of two girls (16 & 9) and step-Mum to one boy (15). All of whom are bright, fun-loving, creative and musical and make me proud and despite his disability (CP) my step-son and family face challenges with a smile and the will to succeed. Love to travel (mainly US/Canada/Scotland), passionate about photography, music is a must, always in HoniesKitchen, love a bit of crafting and I'm learning to knit (maybe even crochet). I'm a networking junkie and of course there has to be time (quality time) with my amazing family! I like to Blog infrequently whenever it takes my fancy and I don't mind sharing my ups and downs, advice and querky ideas with you all. I will mostly post recipes and photos of food, family and travel. I love to review products that my family and me would use - I kinda consider it my 'duty' to let you all know if something is as good as it says on the tin and a 'must buy' product, that all families should know about. Find these in HonieLikes. If you like what you see, please tell me - I work hard at these things :o)
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8 Responses to Cadbury’s Creme Egg: Spot the difference (competition)

  1. Will says:

    The Difference. NO SALAD!!!

  2. claire says:

    the caterpillar hiding in the salad, saw your eyes peeking at the creme egg and thought he better eat it before you got your lips round it! 🙂

  3. I don’t blame you one bit. In fact I think one of those eggs may be a good way for me to break my diet!

    Just dropping in for the Hop a little Tuesday Blog Hop.

    I hope you will stop by and check out my self care blog too!

    Take Good Care!
    Self Care Girl

  4. Jacqui Ruddock says:

    The difference is that this morning you had a creme egg in your fridge to give away and this afternoon you haven’t!

    Seriously, the bottom one is the real anorexic creme egg and the top one is what it sees in the mirror

  5. M willams says:

    Well they say eggs are high in protein so you have had an eggsellent start to the day!

  6. confessionsofacompaholic says:

    Hmmm – how do you eat your’s?
    Sliced on salad obviously.

    If I win can I have a creme egg in my creme egg wrapper? xx


  7. Jacqui Ruddock says:

    The top is what I left at home yesterday and the bottom is what I found when I got home 😦


    The bottom one is the anorexic creme egg and the top one is what it sees in the mirror.

  8. Julie Davies says:

    scrambled egg – what’s wrong with that 😉

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