American Pancakes with a twist (of Ginger & Mango Wensleydale)

What’s cooking in HoniesKitchen today:

I love pancakes, I love the ‘All American Breakfast’ (with pancakes – or waffles), but I gotta say it, us Brits are a lot better at tickling the taste buds when it comes to recipes to die for and we can still do it with the health conscious in mind.

We are, I said so and it’s my blog – so comment if you don’t agree, but it better be a good argument or I won’t print it (ha!).

So I took the American Pancake this very lunch time and when scouring the fridge (the crème egg is no longer staring at me) for something to add to them, I got this flash of inspiration from my cheese box– yes, a whole box for cheese: Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P. (the Italian’s know how to name a cheese); Very Berry Creamy Cheshire with cranberries & Blueberries; Loch Ryan mature white Cheddar; Booths Blacksticks Blue and the star of today’s show – Sainsbury’s Wensleydale with crystalised ginger and mango.

So out came the Wensleydale (with ginger and mango) along with some ham, rocket, cherry tomatoes and a red onion from the rack.

Choppedy chop with a quarter of the onion, into a small skillet with a little heated olive oil.

Sliced 4 of the tomatoes in half and in they went, with a handful of rocket and a slice of ham torn into pieces.

Fold it over in the pan to make sure it all gets nice and hot.

Then flash grill a small handful of the Wensleydale, chopped roughly into cubes on each pancake (I made 2).

Then, simply plate up the pancakes (with the slightly gooey cheese) arranging the onions, rocket, ham and tomato on top.

There you have it – melt in the mouth pancakes with a healthy cheese topping (I counted 2 of your 5-a-day).

Now, I would have a photo of the finished piece – but it looked so good, I finished it off!  Sorry, here is a pic’ of the cheese instead – there, that should do it !

Wensleydale with Crystalised Ginger & Mango – yummy!

Oh OK, when I made some for H’Boo for dinner (she was impressed at my flash of inspiration and wanted some) and I took a pic’ before she ate the lot.

Pancakes with a Twist (of Ginger & Mango Wensleydale)

The verdict:  A sweet, but healthy, tasty light bite.  Also a great way to get the kids to taste unusual flavours and things they might not normally try …. it’s pancakes, right!

Hope you had a good time here in HoniesKitchen –  see you soon!


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