Through the lens of a child’s inspiration!!!

The rain came down today (no surprises there), but we in the HonieHouse could not think of spending another weekend cooped up indoors.

So, boots on and wrapped up warm, we headed for beautiful Rivington, luckily not too far from us.

We had the usual lunch at the Big Barn, from the not so usual (in carvery terms) selection of wonderful fayre on offer – it’s all too good to mention, you’ll just have to go and find out!

Then, coats back on we headed for the paths and out into the gorgeous surroundings and outdoor thrills that Rivington has to offer – you really do have to go!

I only took the Canon G10 (portable camera) with me today and was happy snapping for a while watching the children (H’Boo, 11 and K’Boo, 4) playing and HonieDaddy taking it all in and letting the working week slip far out of mind.

Then, to my surprise, given that she has showed little interest in taking pictures (especially of ‘just trees’ as she would put it) H’Boo asked me if she could have my camera.  “Oh, OK” I said, what you need to do is ….. “Let me, Mum” she said, “I only want to know which buttons to press, this is the zoom bit, right!”

This is the same 11 year old that when HonieMumy suggested that she had a camera for holidays or maybe even school work (whe likes art – a lot!), the response was “What would I want with a camera?”

So, I left her to it, she didn’t want me to watch what she did and wasn’t happy at the suggestion of my taking the camera back at any time. “I want to take this, if you have the camera, you will have taken the pictures ‘I’ want to take.” …….. My only insistance at this point was to reminding her that fingers and lenses do not mix and that she had to switch it off to pull the lense cover back on and keep it protected.  After that, I wandered on in front and let her have a play.

She snapped away and then caught me up.”Do you remember on holiday, last year, can’t remember where, America, I think – but we were walking somewhere, just like this.” You said, look around for the inspiration in the pictures I draw, see how things look naturally and the colours, remember?”  “Yes” I said, “We were in Scotland, I do remember saying that.”  Holy macaroni – my pre-teen does listen to me!

We continued to walk – she continued to snap away and I left her to her own devices.

We had a lovely day and dropped into Fredericks – Ice Cream Parlour on the way home for a treat!

It was only when I got home and downloaded onto my laptop, that I realised what she had taken – and OMG, I was shocked.

Here are some of the pictures my 11 year old had taken:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today, my first born discovered a new talent …… Hope you enjoyed!  If you did, please let her know – she’s not the most confident of young ladies.


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10 Responses to Through the lens of a child’s inspiration!!!

  1. WOW! Beautiful photography H’Boo!!!! ‘Just show me which buttons to push’… Raw talent is a wonderful thing 🙂

  2. Will says:

    Your girl has quite an eye for a picture. Lovely.

  3. claire says:

    She’s started at a good age – has she tried PhotoShop? Also you can’t beat Freddie 🙂

  4. Jacqui Ruddock says:

    They are quite impressive pics for any age yet alone an 11 year old (and I used to lecture in photography)

  5. Beautiful photos!! I budding photographer!
    I have started a series on my blog called “Through a Child’s Lens”; it was inspired by browsing my 5-yr. old’s camera. You’re welcome to take a look…

    • Thanks for your comment – glad you like them! I like the idea of doing a series – maybe I’ll start a meme (maybe!). I’ll take a look at your web, I love seeing children being creative with their spare time. Have you looked at the ‘Silent Sunday’ posts – this is a meme run every Sunday (naturally) by @cosmicgirlie on Twitter – it’s very popular!

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