Water on Tap – Swiggies in the HonieHouse

Well, what do we need all that water for anyway? It’s not that important, is it?

Well, not if you want to dehydrate it isn’t!

You see, not many people take water as seriously as they should. It’s not very interesting stuff to look at is it? Doesn’t excite you the way that other drinks do. It’s not as colourful. If it was that good, they’d bottle it. They DO, it IS and perhaps if you knew a few things, you might rethink that boring old colourless stuff to the top of your fluid intake list.

The thing is…..

We can’t stop the flow of water – we can build bridges to cross it or boats to travel along it, build damns to ‘try’and keep it someplace (still flows a bit), heat it up – it still evaporates back into the atmosphere and comes back down again!

Whatever you think of water – it’s here to stay. And, for a very good reason. It is the source of life itself and we just couldn’t do without it.

Over at my ‘Time Out for Mums‘ Blog there is a post that gives you 4, just 4 simple steps to feeling good – not a lot to improve on things if you were thinking “How do I do that then”. But if you can’t be bothered to click on that I’ll repeat ‘some’ of it – the rest you can check out later …….. (mind you do though – I might test you later 🙂 )

There is so much for our bodies to do and so little for us to give it in return for it to function properly. If any one of our systems suffer, then our bodies behave like machines – they compensate!  The knock on effect of one system suffering is that it will take from another – it won’t ‘simply’ fail, but will try to continue taking from other resources. The chain effect of this compensation, gives us many warnings before we will eventually fail – unless we listen to our bodies, they will fail!  Aches, pains, dizziness, breathlessness, confusion, swelling, tiredness – all symptoms of stress in our bodies.

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic or be a dietician to feel in tip top condition. If you want to feel better physically, mentally and keep stress levels to an all time low, follow these simple steps:


Drink lots of it a little at a time: Drink water ever 2-3 hours throughout the day.

Water is the fuel for life. It saturates the cells in our bodies that need the energy it gives to work properly. Cells not only in our limbs, organs, our brain, but cells that flow through and cleanse our blood and all of our bodies systems (digestive, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, muscular, skeletal, circulatory, endocrine, lymphatic, immune).  That’s a lot for our bodies to do without water.


A well balanced diet gives the body the fuel and bulk that it needs to allow it to function properly………..


Exercise is necessary not just to keep fit, but to allow your body to continue to grow strong and keep moving smoothly. Even when you have reached your fully grown size, your body is replacing bone and muscles all of your life – so long as you are moving, your body is giving you what you need (if you are eating well).

Breathe Well

Take the time to breathe. This sounds silly, we are always breathing. But are we breathing well. Taking breath into our mouths is simply not enough – we need to inhale lots of oxygen into our lungs and right into the cells of our bodies to work ‘very’ well.

The good thing is that ‘ALL 4’ can be combined in a very easy and pleasant way, each and every day.

Take a walk – have a drink of water before you go and take a small bottle with you (drink as you go to keep your muscles, bones and energy levels maintained).  Walking is light exercise, keeps you supple, is enjoyable and therefore relaxing and encourages good deep breathing.

Now that wasn’t complicated, was it?

Now, I like to take water with me and I ‘do’ encourage my kids to drink the stuff – but both of these things are not always so easy.

So ……. when I saw these recently,

I thought – That’s Genius!  They are called Swiggies. This is something that everyone should know about and decide whether it’s just what they need to make taking in that all essential fluid so much more easy and also a bit of fun. Swiggies are possibly going to change the way you think about taking water with you – but, more importantly, change the way ‘our kids’ think about carrying water around with them.

We have recently taken Swiggies on walks with us and the kids have actually argued about who gets which colour and which size – they come in 8fl oz and 11fl oz bottles and in a variety of colours. Handy to have and easy to use – they are very popular with the HonieKids.

HoniePops (my Dad) borrowed one when in the garden all day, he said “It was handy to have when he was trying to get things done and helped quench his thirst” – if you are active you need water, but if you are active and over a certain age, then it’s absolutely essential that you re-quench in small amounts and often.

My Step-Son, O’Pops has CP and finds it very difficult to hold a bottle, impossible to hold a cup! The result is that he has to rely on others to pass him a drink and to use a straw.  So, Swiggies is like a new life-line to him. Swiggies remove a barrier of his disability and allow him to take on water, whenever ‘he’ wants to.

My 4 year old, K’Boo is not impressed by water (or milk for that matter) and prefers real fruit juice and Vimto (it’s a Northern thing).  But, she absolutely loves Swiggies, she even talks to them 🙂 She likes the idea of taking them into Pre-school with her and they don’t mind because they encourage the children to drink water. This could be the turning point for getting her to drink more water and so I’m happy to suggest that if you think it will work with your kids – you should try it (it’s no different than buying Disney bottles for lunch boxes – but much more versatile).

As a Mum, trying to get fit after the train wreck that our bodies become after pregnancy and childbirth (OK it’s not quite that bad) we need to get out and walk a lot, pram pushing if that’s all we can manage – and yes, we could put bottles on the pram, but for me, that’s like putting your personal stuff in the baby changing bag. We do it – but we don’t like doing it! It’s a bit of a revolution when the wee ones are potty trained and we ditch the bag for our own. So why not carry your own water supply, handy, on your wrist – it’s a case of ‘that’s mine, hands off!”

If you are lucky enough to get ‘Time-Out’ without the wee ones in tow – then what better way to have your fluids handy and literally to hand! That could be running, jogging, walking, cycling ….. horse riding (where you gonna put the bottle then, eh!). Whatever you choose the water is to hand!

I recently let a friend of mine Sally, who does personal training on a one to one basis and also in buggy classes  use the Swiggies and this is what she had to say ….

“For kids – I think they’re great. Great colours and novel idea for getting them to drink more water.
For adults – the colours I think need to be more subtle. For sports where you cannot carry a drink they are a good option. There is a lot of competition in this area with belts to hold drinks and clips on bikes but swiggies are a go
od option. For any endurance sport they won’t really
hold enough liquid and some people may find they feel strange to wear at first. For the buggy classes I
do think there was no real interest just because Mums have their buggies to hold a bottle of water in easily.”

I thought fair point – but, all of us Mum’s who have ever had to fill a baby bottle soon learn that 20fl oz is a pint (right) – so, if you knew that you were carrying more than a pint of water with you and that it didn’t even seem like it – it certainly doesn’t look like it!

So if you are used to carrying a 500ml bottle round with you – this is actually more than a quarter of a litre more! But, if you need to carry a litre – fair enough! If you haven’t got the opportunity to re-fill, then this really is a fair point. But I would ask that you look at the versatility and ask yourself – do I mind just one top up? You can’t hold a litre bottle for a whole workout.

I quite like the colours – there are several and I only gave my friend the red and yellow (she did use the plain ones I had too).

Check out the Swiggies website and see which colour matches what you wear while keeping fit.

Lets go back to what I was saying at the beginning – people don’t take it seriously enough, it’s not very interesting, not very colourful, it’s not like they bottle it!

Well if you knew the facts about water – you might take it seriously, knowing it makes you look and feel better makes it very interesting, Swiggies make it very colourful and so why not bottle your own water – it’s cheaper, more fun and people will ask you about them – they are very interesting.

So what’s the verdict in the HonieHouse -well I think you already know that – HonieLikes!


Don’t take my word for it – check them out for yourselves.  And, to make this easier Louise at @SwiggiesukEurop  have kindly offered to let one lucky reader have a pack of Swiggies all to themselves.

All you have to do is:

Tell me why you want them and what you’d use them for and put your answer in the comments box below (you have to comment to enter).


Follow @HonieBuk (that’s me!)

Follow @SwiggiesukEurop (that’s Louise)

Then please tweet the following statement “I have entered the @SwiggiesukEurop #competition http://wp.me/p1cFoK-kM @HonieBuk to win my own Swiggies RT”

Easy Peasy!

The winner will  be chosen at random on Sunday 10th April 2012  at 11.00pm


Disclaimer:  I am not an employee of Swiggies, nor have I any connection to them. I have not benefited financially from this review, but have received the product to review. I was not approached by Swiggies to write this review, but instead offered to write the review as a result of how much we like them here at the HonieHouse.  I only ever write reviews that are applicable to the HonieHouse or that we feel passionate about.
Swiggies ticked all the boxes and I am happy to provide an impartial view of our experience of the product.

About HonieMummy (HonieBuk)

Mum of two girls (16 & 9) and step-Mum to one boy (15). All of whom are bright, fun-loving, creative and musical and make me proud and despite his disability (CP) my step-son and family face challenges with a smile and the will to succeed. Love to travel (mainly US/Canada/Scotland), passionate about photography, music is a must, always in HoniesKitchen, love a bit of crafting and I'm learning to knit (maybe even crochet). I'm a networking junkie and of course there has to be time (quality time) with my amazing family! I like to Blog infrequently whenever it takes my fancy and I don't mind sharing my ups and downs, advice and querky ideas with you all. I will mostly post recipes and photos of food, family and travel. I love to review products that my family and me would use - I kinda consider it my 'duty' to let you all know if something is as good as it says on the tin and a 'must buy' product, that all families should know about. Find these in HonieLikes. If you like what you see, please tell me - I work hard at these things :o)
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13 Responses to Water on Tap – Swiggies in the HonieHouse

  1. Louise says:

    Well if this clear & emphatic article doesn’t get you reaching for water instead of a pill nothing will !! As you may have guessed yes I am very proud of our Swiggies but also I am a fanatic about hydration & spreading the word of its many benefits for adults & our children.

  2. RedRoses4 says:

    I never knew water was so good for you.
    I walk everday with my dogs,
    I always take an empty pop bottle with water in to drink,
    swiggies are a fab idea, with summer here and one of those round my wrist, I wouldn`t have to carry a bag.

  3. Deborah Harewood says:

    I would use it to encourage my 2 year old daughter Leylania to drink more water and she would love having it on her wrist ad she loves watches and bangles. Nice, great item and giveaway.

  4. Erica says:

    I’d like to win this because both my son and I would use it. He’s 4 and comes to buggyfit with me and always wants to drink out of my bottle not his – these are so cool I think he’ll want to use one instead. I can see myself using one if I am out running.

  5. Dorothee archambault says:

    I would like one because I started running again 2 months ago (trying to lose weight gained during second pregnancy!). I hate carrying a bottle with me when I run but then I don’t drink enough fluid after the effort which is not good. So swiggie would be ideal really. And I am sure my 3yo son would want one as well, so cool! Great giveaway.

    • It’s great that you’ve started running again, but essential that you carry water with you. Having Swiggies sounds like the answer for you – 2 x 11 fl oz bottles (one on each hand, would be 22 fl oz) and that’s more than a pint (20fl oz). You will find that your performance increases if you drink water and so the pounds will shed more quickly! And, you’ll feel much, much better.

  6. ashleigh says:

    i would love to win this for my daughter to encourage her to drink more water. i have tweeted as @ashlallan

  7. Nicola says:

    They look fun

  8. And the winner is ……….. Dorothee77. Thank you for your entries and checking out the review. Hope you are all impressed by Swiggies and check out their website http://www.swiggiesuk.com

    Come back soon for more of what HonieLikes and the goings on in the HonieHouse

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