House of Linn – Akurate that is! A Hit in the HonieHouse

This post leads you to a guest post for a review of the Linn Akurate DS audio system by HonieDaddy and you can find more of my comments here. But what did HonieMummy really think and is this HonieLikes a hit in the HonieHouse?

Linn Akurate DS - change your home audio experience for the better

Music is a big deal in the HonieHouse and I have seen my fair share (oh yes I have) of many a system: from solid state to valve amps; of beautifully crafted and superb sounding speakers; of CD players that are both eye catching and technological wonders and turntables that have left me silenced when I have realised that they ‘were’ worth the pennies spent. I have seen my hall and study turned into a warehouse of perfectly packaged parcels of off the scale weight and size and despite the amazing systems that have crossed my threshold, the superb sound quality and eye-catching masterpieces – I have still struggled to find the CD I want to play amongst the thousands stored on the shelves (often behind the boxes) and HonieDaddy has ‘always’ wanted to improve or tweek what we have just that little bit more………

So, I was asked one day if I’d like to come and listen to ‘newish’ concept in hifi, given that Linn have been doing this for a while now, but improving all the time …….. and so the guys at House of Linn (Brian and Trevor) had a visit from the HonieMummy, HonieDaddy and even the HonieKids came too!

I listened intently to the jargon and bumff that was meant to sell this new idea to me and if I’m honest I thought to myself “OK, so you are going to sell everything you have, to buy this new system and then what happens when you want to swop it all about again”.

I handed over a selection of CD’s from Eva Cassidy to Alison Krauss, John Mayer to Lucy Kaplansky amongst others and I have only two words to describe what happened when amongst the chit chat, my choices came into my ears “Jaw” and “Dropped”.

We ‘did’ arrive with the intention to listen to and potentially purchase the Linn Majik DS-I system (their entry level range), but so impressed was I and because lets face it, we would have at some point been upgrading to this some time soon (note HonieDaddy’s tendancy to upgrade frequently) that we left with the concept of discussing the Linn Akurate DS  (the next level – and high up it is too!). Their top of the range system the Linn Klimax DS is considerably more in price and to be honest, for me and my expectations (high as they are) a lottle too much over budget for the return! If you like extravegance and don’t mind having the absolute best with bottomless pockets then look no further – it is mind blowing!

How much has the Linn Akurate DS changed my music experience at home?  Well to be fair, you’d have to see the comments made by myself to the man who thought long and hard and made the change – Linn Akurate DS Review – my Future in Audio at Home


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