NCT Easter Fun Day

Just before my very recent jolly hol’s and before the Easter weekend itself, my local NCT Branch – Chorley & Leyland, held it’s Easter Fun Day. At just £1.50 per person (including refreshments) this day has long since proved to be fun and with the odd donation here and there to help raise funds – most activities are FREE though.

The event (as with others) is organised by the branch and there is always help and support throughout.

All of the usual attendees and a few extra turned out to enjoy Easter crafts, face painting, and a whole lot of fun and games, incuding:

A fabulous Easter egg hunt in the outdoor play area, with an opportunity to run about and play on the swings and slide.

A raffle of a massive monster chocolate cake  (the recipe is no secret – you just have to ask!)

The Children’s egg and spoon race, which has shown some super stars of balancing and sticking to the rules, over the years.

The Children’s ‘nose nudging’ an egg race – it’s harder than it looks, but the children always seem to do better than us adults – maybe their centre of gravity is a deciding factor!!!

and lots of toys and balloons on hand to keep the children entertained in between activities – and ‘some’ of the adults too :0)

After the children had their turn at the egg and spoon and nose nudging the eggs, the adults get to have a go and become a source of entertainment for all, as the competition gets stiff and bottoms are stuck up in the air –  battle commences). It’s all good fun and makes for good photo shooting, while popular traditions are played out.

There were lots of home-baked cakes and yummies and the ‘fastly becoming famous’ chocolate cake that Helen (branch member) first produced and has happily handed down the recipe to many (hoping that they might take on making it for events), makes another appearance (made by Helen) as a raffle prize.

I entered the raffle twice with no intention of winning 1) because HonieDaddy and yours truly were currently in the more seriously strict stage of the diet and 2) We were heading to Canada and the US the very next day and didn’t fancy 3 hyper kids on a 20+ hour journey. Guess what? We won!  So I offered it off to the highest bidder and escaped the ordeal 😮 I did happen to mention this in a recent post!

You could also guess the number of chocolate eggs in a jar for a small donation and win the entire jar (chocolates included, of course!).

HonieDaddy won the adult egg and spoon race and a Cadbury’s Creme Egg (still remains uneaten – astonishing willpower, not know before today).

I love attending NCT events, not just because I love to see familiar faces (some of whom have moved on since children have started school) or because we always have a great time, not only even because we raise fund for the NCT as a whole (as they are the UK’s largest parenting charity) but because the organising, attending and participation are all part of the networking that makes for great relationships and support that is essential to families bringing up young children.

For more information about the NCT, browse the website and to discover local family events, activities and a whole new group of friends with common goals, problems and interests, enter your postcode in ‘local branch’ and enter a new networking world.

Hope you enjoy the photies, I’ve added a few more for the slideshow ………..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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4 Responses to NCT Easter Fun Day

  1. TheBoyandMe says:

    I recognise a Kate there! Looks like a fab idea which I am stealing for next year’s Easter event down here.

  2. Kate says:

    That is me, alright, and there is a Missy Woo in there more times than me. I was bloody hopeless at the egg-rolling with noses gig.

    • Just been reading back through comments. Some great photos with smiling faces. The egg-rolling is a scream – not sure we are supposed to be good at this (how else could we take the ‘P’ out of each other (don’t answer that :o).

      Not going to get a Halloween party in as such, this time – but Helen A is having a Stay & Play in the half-term with a Halloween theme for everyone to attend. Her new house is much bigger, so space is not an issue. Hope to see you & Missy Woo (It’s fancy dress).

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