Tilly Tiger Socks

In case you were wondering about the recent appearance in my Silent Sunday post ……

She is Geolynz Tilly Tiger Socks and comes from Mummy Geolynz Chantilly Lace and Daddy Leopardspots Aces High – she’s a brown spotted pedigree Bengal Cat (Kitten) bred by Lynda Quinn of Lyndaz Bengals.

She was a surprise for my 40th birthday (which is Tuesday of this week, but HonieDaddy had to pick her up Saturday).

Now, bearing in mind I have said for the last 5 and a half years “No, no pets, not even a ginger cat” (when O’Pops said “What, not even a ‘ginger’ one”) and “Not even a fish!”

So HonieDaddy was on tender hooks when he led me from the car on Saturdayand said “I’ve got a surprise for you.” He was half expecting to be filling a ‘Pets for Sale’ article out by Saturday night.

Making our way into the house from the garden, I realised that it wasn’t that the fences had been woodstained after five and half years and then, when I came into the house and made my way into the conservatory I saw the box. Knowing what it was I got down on my knees and peeked in …..

There looking back at me were the most gorgeous green eyes and stunning markings of a Bengal cat (kitten even).

Bred for their good temperament, playfullness and unique qualities (they even like water) as well as markings – I was instantly reduced to submissiveness.

HonieDaddy has never seen this side to me before… I used to have a very playful and kitten-like adult cat that I sadly lost 12 years ago and have not been able to bring myself to have another pet ….. till now!

She has won me over and in the last 24 hours stolen my heart. She is everything I would want from a pet and more.

Thank you HonieDaddy – I adore her!


About HonieMummy (HonieBuk)

Vegan Mama. Organic Gardener. Guider. Admin for Veganuary and run my own Plant Based /Dairy Free page. Mum to 3, Wife to 1. Allotment holder and growing from home. Currently trying 'Back to Eden' method and studying a Diploma in Organic Gardening. Guide Leader and all round Super Woman (well trying to be) 😁🌱
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5 Responses to Tilly Tiger Socks

  1. Lucy says:

    Tilly Is sooo cute! xxxxx

  2. Amy says:

    Gorgeous. I’m dying to get a cat. I’ve promised myself one as soon as we sell our flat. Alas I fear this may mean it might not be this decade (!) but when I do this breed is on the potential wish list. Enjoy!!

    • I can wholeheartedly recommend this breed. They are so loving and so playful – might just let you know when someones at the door and most definitely let you know what they want in a very clever way. They like water too – which is interesting (don’t leave the shower door open when you get in, lol).

  3. Bec says:

    Oh she is adorable!! I love cats but have to limit my fussing of them as I’m allergic 😦

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