Disabled or Enabled – you decide!

My recent Silent Sunday Post is of my Step-son and my latest edition to the family ‘Tilly Tiger Socks (a Pedigree Bengal Kitten). She was just as fascinated at the pages quickly whizzing by as he was enjoying reading them.

O’Pops is easily negotiating his eReader (a Pan Digital) that we recently picked up on our latest venture across the big pond. We were in Yakima (enroute to Portland from Castegar B.C) and when HonieDaddy suggested this as one of O’Pops birthday gifts, I instantly agreed.

O’Pops has cerebral palsy and finds it really hard to hold a book, let alone turn the pages and so the latest swipe technology (introduced to us by Apple) is much more than a bit of fun in the HonieHouse. He has been using an iPad for a while now (but it’s HonieDaddy’s and he wants it back) and also has his own iPod enabling him to listen to his favourite music and play games.

Swipe technology has enabled O’Pops to read books for himself and to start to enjoy them.  He is already a dab hand at mouse negotiation and likes to surf the net – especially for football information and scores and other sports. But, he has also found it useful when doing any work in school and homework. In fact, it’s essential to him.

Using pen and paper, like reading hard copy books is almost impossible and the use of computers in school has made the last 7 years of O’Pops educated life as easy as it is for his fellow scholar friends. At last inclusion actually means inclusion and O’Pops journey through mainstream school has enabled him to learn at the same rate as his friends.

The Pan Digital eReader offers book reading, email, word processing, picture storage, MP3 technology, web browsing, games, calculator and diary planning – so has all that young man determined to communicate and explore the world of modern technology needs at his finger tips. And, that’s the best bit – swiping is an easier way for O’Pops to use a computer screen. He can negotiate a mouse and can use a keyboard, but swiping is far easier and keeps him up to speed with his learning and fun just like more capable children of his age.

He will be starting High School in September and we have carefully chosen a school that caters very well for children with disabilities (not just on paper) allowing him to negotiate and manoevure within his lessons, not just to them in his wheelchair.

O’Pops has asked me to add to this post the fact I mentioned ‘trips over the big pond’. We are a family of 5 with 3 children of different needs and ages – we ‘never’ let the difficulties that even the average family would turn away from get in our way: trips to California Disney, Yosemite, the Canadian Rockies – to name but a few and the long haul flights to get there are all part of the challenges we look forward to conquering.

Disabled or Enabled – You decide!


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3 Responses to Disabled or Enabled – you decide!

  1. Sam says:

    What a lovely blog, it’s great for kids to be able to enjoy fun things whatever their disability, seen or unseen. Some people blame technology on spoiling our kids but it can enhance the lives of others so much. It’s not every day that you can get out and about with the family especially with some of the british weather!!!

    I think technology gives all kids so much independence, to be able to choose for themselves something to play or read, within reason. Some games/books are of course not suitable for all. But use your initiative and get the right tool for the job and the rewards will show no bounds. I’m sure O’Pops will have hours of fun and learning with his new tech.

  2. Kieran says:

    I never considered how much the advances in technology brought about by the likes of Apple can help enable people’s lives like this, completely opened my eyes.

  3. Nicola says:

    Lovely to see a disadvantaged child in such a positive light .
    Definitely engaged !!!!

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