HonieLikes, HonieLoves The Land of Me

On checking out the ‘new’ website of Made in Me’s fabulous software for children ‘The Land of Me’ after they announced their partnership with Ladybird Books – I found myself reading one of the comments I made ‘before’ writing my review of this amazing software.

You see, from the very start, I have been impressed with the quality and content that Made in Me have showed us in their irresistable software for children ages 2-6 ‘The Land of Me’ and how could I not be? Lucky for us parents Made in Me are so very generous as well as confident that you’ll like the product, that they are happy for you to download the first chapter absolutely FREE. No tricks, gimmicks, direct debit orders or try before you buy statements to complete….. simply click on their website, have a really good look around if you want to first and download the first chapter absolutely FREE. Decide for yourself if this is what you have been waiting for in reading and interactive material to allow your children to make choices, use their imagination and enhance their learning at a speedy and enjoyable rate.

Down by the river with Bernard the crocodile (finger puppets at the ready) in The Land of Me

Don’t take my word for it – don’t judge the picture of K’Boo (my 4 year old) in the picture I took and named ‘Captivated with Buddy Boo’. But, also don’t take for granted that the interaction with TV characters they are currently interested in is giving them the education (in addition to the entertainment) they need  ….. do what all parents who feel they should play a part in their children’s learning would surely do. Make the decision from what you see and feel you know is right – after all – you know what is best for your children. 

However, I warn you, it is addictive and there is so much available from each chapter to keep your children (and you) amused and creative for hours on end. There is so much in each and every chapter that makes it unbelievable value for money – it’s so much more than reading a book because your child decides what happens, makes choices, makes those choices come to life and then gets to investigate new ideas and further chapters – all with lots of activities to download and get creative with later.

Finger puppets to download and make later (also in The Land of Me Activity Books)

Dont take my word for it ……… visit the website and download the software right to your own PC. Ladybird did and now they are in partnership with them. See the Ladybird logo at http://www.thelandofme.com/

It was after seeing the download of the first chapter that I couldn’t help but comment about it on Twitter – firstly to @Cosmicgirlie aka mocha beanie mummy (who suggested it to me in the first place).  My Daughter was so captivated by the software (and still is) that I submitted a photo of her while she was immersed in it in ‘Silent Sunday’ giving it the catchphrase in my timeline ‘Captivated by Buddy Boo’ (one of the characters). It’s a lovely photo (well I think so) and so did James at Made in Me, as he asked to use it on their website. Naturally, I was happy to let them use it, I love their software!

We now have the complete collection of 6 chapters and both activity books and my verdict was easy to come to. The answers lay in the interest it generated with my Daughter. She loves the characters, recognises the pictures and even the logo alone on the website gets her attention … “That’s Buddy Boo’s Page Mummy”. The Land of Me travels with us while on holiday and is great for portable fun, keeping the children amused while on the road, in flight or as a nice way to relax after a busy day.

You can find my review under HonieLikes and see the comments I have made and K’Boo’s picture on their website. You can also read more about Made in Me in their own blog. If you like what you see you can follow them on Twitter here. If you want your children learn through play and interaction, with characters they will love, making choices of their own then get the download of the first chapter FREE here or visit the shop here. You can also follow me here 😮

Made in Me are in a celebrating mood as a result of their partnership with Ladybird and their generosity has just got even better – I shall quote Harry, Chief Whip Cracker at Made in Me

To celebrate we would like to offer Honie B UK readers a cracking deal on The Land of Me – £20 instead of £29.95 (download or DVD Rom) all they need to do is enter the discount code – WELOVELADYBIRD – at the checkout in our shop – http://www.madeinme.com/shop/.”

Now that’s a deal too good to resist – what are you waiting for? Lets feel the LOVE for Ladybird and The Land of Me.

I wish Made in Me every success and can’t wait to see more of the adventures that unfold in the Land of Me and any other products they produce.


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5 Responses to HonieLikes, HonieLoves The Land of Me

  1. jay says:


    These guys are awesome. Every time I turn on my machines, Noah is there pointing at the icon with a casual “I REALLY like that game, mommy. I REALLY like it, I’m REALLY good at it…”

    I can’t wait to see these guys develop their product at the same alarming rate they’re doing now – LOVE THEM 😀 😀

    Ps…thank you for the mention 🙂 xx

    • It is such a recognisable and iconic programme. K’Boo has just been naming all the characters as she saw herself holding up the finger puppets.

      As for the development rate of their products – I can’t not now comment at the development of our own children as a result of such genius.

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  4. Rob-Bee says:

    It is indeed a fabulous piece of software for children. It gives your child the opportunity to make decisions, use their imagination freely & to learn to negotiate the computer keyboard and mouse/pad control.

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