Children Say! (the funniest things)

They melt your heart from the moment they arrive in the world, they have your attention with every new thing they learn, every step they take and as they start to develop their skills, they leave you brimming with astonishment and pride “Look what she did today,” Did you know she can do this now.”

But, it’s when they start to respond to what ‘they’ see and hear that you really have to take notice. Children say it for what it is, they tell you what they really think – or they tell you what they think it should be!!

Driving along the other day, I was listening to K’Boo singing a song and it was a million times nicer to hear than the drivel on the radio so I switched it off. She was singing happily and angelically a song she had learned at Pre-school nursery – it was about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I have heard her sing it so many times before and … had never heard it before she started to sing it to me.

Then she changed songs to something she had heard on a Barney the Dinosaur DVD, but abruptly stopped, paused for a moment and said

“Mummy! What IS a LITTLE girl doing in a bears house anyway”

My answer “That’s a very good question K’Boo.”

“What do YOU think a little girl like Goldilocks was doing in a BEARS house”

“I don’t know Mummy, but it was a silly idea and ……. it’s naughty!”

“That’s not her house!!!”

I would love to have been a fly on the wall, had she said this at Pre-school.

Yesterday, HonieDaddy was teling me about the ‘hits’ on his blog. He was doing rather well to be honest – better than I have ever done on a good day (then he does blog about gadgety things that blokes just HAVE to look at and others dream of having).

“I only need 70 hits” he said, while K’Boo was sitting on his knee looking at the laptop with him.

“Then I’ll beat my best ever” (which ‘was’ 949)

K’Boo got up and started to do karate chops into the air with her arms, fists clenched tightly.

She started counting “1, hit… 2, hit… 3, hit… 4, hit… 5, nearly there”

It took a minute for us to realise – she was getting the ‘hits’ HonieDaddy needed …… now tell me that’s not cute!


About HonieMummy (HonieBuk)

Mum of two girls (16 & 9) and step-Mum to one boy (15). All of whom are bright, fun-loving, creative and musical and make me proud and despite his disability (CP) my step-son and family face challenges with a smile and the will to succeed. Love to travel (mainly US/Canada/Scotland), passionate about photography, music is a must, always in HoniesKitchen, love a bit of crafting and I'm learning to knit (maybe even crochet). I'm a networking junkie and of course there has to be time (quality time) with my amazing family! I like to Blog infrequently whenever it takes my fancy and I don't mind sharing my ups and downs, advice and querky ideas with you all. I will mostly post recipes and photos of food, family and travel. I love to review products that my family and me would use - I kinda consider it my 'duty' to let you all know if something is as good as it says on the tin and a 'must buy' product, that all families should know about. Find these in HonieLikes. If you like what you see, please tell me - I work hard at these things :o)
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3 Responses to Children Say! (the funniest things)

  1. I’m not jealous or anything but HD has achieved 25,000 in less than 9 months!!!!!

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