Smile – it’s not all about smelly breath!! #HonieLikes

I was recently asked to review a set of products for dental care. Well I do brush my teeth every day and so this is naturally relevant to me (and the family).

But wait!  There’s more to it than that.

I’m actually a bit of an obsessive at teeth cleaning. I remember my Dad stressing the importance when I was younger and it’s been a bit more of a routine thing in my day.  It is for me like not going to church on Sunday is to some people – I MUST clean my teeth!  I know, I know it does sound  a bit OCD, but then I used to try not to walk on the cracks of the pavement as a child (amongst other things).

I’m not and never have been afraid of the dentist (but then I’ve NEVER had a filling – weird, I’m told). And, was very upset with a previous dentist that said those who have never had fillings, tend not to be good at showing their children how to brush properly – how very typically ignorant of his clients (hence no longer my dentist).

Before being asked to review and on a less recent trip to the dentist I was flicking through the literature that they leave out for parents and kids and was suprised to find (well sort of) that brushing your teeth is not just about good oral hygiene, shiny white teeth and not having smelly breath ….. it is actually a life saving habit!

Did you know, for instance that poor dental hygiene can cause strokes, respiratory problems and even heart failure!!!

Food for thought – the problem is with the bacteria we produce in our mouths – I’ll allow you to read up on that in your own time.

The dental package I was reviewing is called RetarDEX.

I know, I know it’s a weird name – I told them that!  But, the good thing about this product is that it focuses not on the flavour making stuff that gets rid of smelly breath – which seemed to be their  way of attracting new customers (the getting rid of smelly breath), but  by getting rid of the bacteria that causes it in the first place.

It’s not rocket science is it: Bacteria = smelly breath

Using a strong tasting toothpaste does not get rid of the bacteria – but your mouth smells nice until your next strong flavoured drink/meal.

RetarDEX claim to have ingredients that irradicate the bacteria and so you shouldn’t need to have a very stong tasting toothpaste at all.

So after trying, what did I think????

I thought the name was a bit, a lot weird!

I thought the toothpaste tasted mild – but that has plusses if you want your kids to try it.

I thought the mouthwash in its original form tasted revolting – but they supply with a natural mint sachet to add – which is very strong until diluted into the mouthwash and then makes it taste nice.

The little breath freshner spray that you can continue to use throughout the day is very handy and does what it says on the tin.

All of the above products contain the special ingredient that they claim irradicates bacteria.

So, if this is true – not only do you not have smelly breath (which is their main selling point), but if you take on board the information I have provided about oral hygiene and the lack of it being a danger to your health – then it’s actually probably the best thing to have in your medicine cabinet/bathroom right now (don’t stop buying the soap and other things though – not a good idea!)

So if you can get past the name (I don’t think they are likely to change it) then this is a product you might want to try.

Verdict: HonieLikes 😮

I found a link to the products and it shows who stock it in the footer bar – so you can try it out for yourself


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2 Responses to Smile – it’s not all about smelly breath!! #HonieLikes

  1. TheBoyandMe says:

    That is the most bizarre, and possible un-pc, name I’ve seen in a while. However the products look good and I’m obsessive with oral hygiene.

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