Blagging, Blogging – what ever happened to Networking and Supporting (oh and ‘Do not bite the hand that feeds!’)

I’m feeling a little bit peeved at the moment – it’s not something that I would or could direct to any one person or even type of person but there has been a lot of critisism about Parent Blogging of late and the why’s and how’s of how it’s conducted (reviews, popularity stakes and all that).

I don’t have a ‘Top 10‘ or even ‘Top 100‘ blog and my follow list is moderate and manageable for my Twitter stream.

I do think about who I follow and sometimes it’s not about the conversation that ‘follow‘ will bring me. But what it definitely ISN’T is the follow list it ‘might‘ bring or the ‘popularity factor‘ and what it definitely, categorically and bloody well ‘soap . box .  stomping‘ isn’t for is the FREE stuff I might get!

I don’t subscribe to ‘cant even remember the name of it‘ PR forum thingys and I don’t ask for stuff, never mind beg!

I do, from time to time do reviews, sometimes because they were sent to me by someone I have followed and interacted with and I happen to more than likely have experienced the product or thought “You know, this looks like something I would buy“- not to sit on my dining room floor gathering dust, but because I actually think that the ‘thinking process‘ behind some products are definitely worth shouting about.

Sometimes it’s a product I have bought and thought “Yay, I love this” and think it good practice to let other parents know what’s worth spending their hard earned money on, in a market of some rather ‘over-popularised products‘.

If I like something, I don’t just comment and think “Yeh, you’ve had your moneys worth – job done!” I happen to believe that it deserves a lot of support and that other parents ought to know about it.

Today, I have interacted with a few people who have previously touched a part of me that has opened up my tendancy to be somewhat passionate (sometimes confused with tantrums) and my desire to network and support whatever ‘moves me‘, whenever I can.

After reading bad press about the tendancies of some parent bloggers and how this has rubbed off on some of the absolute gems we have out there – I feel very passionate about the dissing of these gems!

I didn’t get it rise to it at first  – I read a while ago that it’s cheeky to ask to keep a product you review and that you should not expect payment.

Well no, I don’t expect anything! But I won’t have the fact I shouldn’t want to keep them rubbed in my face, when a company contacted me to ask for my opinion (giving my opinion value) and I have committed to give time, effort and publicity to my valued opinion, with what I think was my best shot (and some skill)  at presenting my findings and experience.

For the record, the companies that I have reviewed the products of, have NEVER made me feel this way and I have sincerely enjoyed reviewing their products and plugging them for all that they are worth thereafter – they have genuinely deserved this!

I also know of a long list of parent bloggers who openly reject products that are not relevant to them and complain that they have been contacted by PR companies who have clearly not read their blog in the first place …….. would you believe it – the PR world are as guilty of mis-matching as the greedy bloggers who take what is not relevant!

In addition, along the way in my Tweeting and blogging experience of just over 1 year (I’m a Rookie) I have come across some truly inspirational and supportive people – yes that’s right, people sit behind those keyboards. And, like the WAHM (& D’s) who are passionate about the work they do  – and want everyone to know about it, along with the companies who want you to notice their product (as well as interact with like minded people) …. There are some fabulous SAHM (& D’s) who have offered and maintained a network of support for everyone who asks for it and feels compelled to talk about it.

For those PR companies who critisice this method of interaction – “Do not bite the hand that feeds” – even if there are ‘some‘ hungry dogs out there who take more than they should of products for the wrong reasons and that are totally irrelevant to them! Instead – ask  yourself who you should be targeting the product at in the first place and who’s opinion counts.

For those who only have time to operate the spam machines they set up to ‘receive‘ –  followers, popularity and products, instead of interacting with ‘people’ – please unfollow me, I have better things to do with my day!

For those of you who feel passionate about what you do or are looking for something to feel passionate about and want to feel like you are making a contribution – I sincerely hope you find the means to make it happen!

And for those of you who don’t agree and feel it’s OK to make a mockery of a networking platform that is essential to all sides as a support tool and providing necessary information (as well as a few laughs and some tosh fun along the way) – then please stop reading and join a “Follow Back” system for your numbers …. I’m not interested!

Disclaimer (well not really):  I’m not a journalist, I’m not flogging anything, I do read blog posts, I do comment, I do enjoy a lot of what I read, I do genuinely feel compassion  for a lot of people who need support and ask for it, I don’t generally sound off on here unless I feel I should -but I am fed up of reading playground politics and crap about who is worthy of noticing/commenting on here and who is not!

THANK YOU – rant over!


Well almost (lol) I am over my rant and this week fell across (very much accidentally) a very funny take on the blagging saga (read all of the links therein). This is a very funny, light-hearted (some might say brave), I would say cheeky and what about it  …. post –  that was added to a meme by @michelletwinmum (who wanted to re-write the rules to keep things calm).

I think she got more than she bargained for when she invited @midlifesinglem for her take on The Blogging Charter. **No friends were lost in the posting of this funny adaptation.


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6 Responses to Blagging, Blogging – what ever happened to Networking and Supporting (oh and ‘Do not bite the hand that feeds!’)

  1. SAHDandproud says:

    I like this a lot, and praise your honesty and integrity. People who spend the time writing reviews shouldn’t be so roundly slagged by people who think they’re better and performing a more valuable service. And charging clients through the nose for the privilege!

  2. Oh Honie, I’m not sure how to reply to this because I’m not sure what you’ll think of me!

    I have asked to review; OT was someone I asked and now we have a fantastic relationship. Likewise I have asked on that site that they mentioned. However, I get approached a *lot* and if we can make use of it and it is applicable to us, then I review it. However, hopefully you don’t think of me as a blagger though? I think it is a horrendous and derogatory term. I also work bloody hard at the reviews I do and will not apologise for them.

    Have I said the right thing?

    • I get now why you said what you did in for DM – I’m not criticising anyone who blogs and reviews products for asking to review or for keeping the stuff they do review. My rant is at PR’s who have slated bloggers as cheeky for expecting to keep products for the work that they have done – given that they put a lot of work into their blogs and it does got out to the market it’s intended to be bought buy.

      It’s like I said there are a lot of gems in he blogging world (and you are one of them) – credit due were credit is earned and it’s senseless to bit the hand that feeds.

      The PR criticism should be at bloggers who ask for stuff that is not relevant to what they blog about and is more to do with value and blog popularity. There was an email in the blog (by the PR that was very dismissive about what they actually needed, but wanted instead (bags, shoes, etc. and we won’t put pics of our babies in …..).

      I could write a long list (if I tried) of al the bloggers I know that have publicly rejected some items that are totally unconnected to their blogs and it has got on their nerves that the PR companies have randomly contacted them – I can only assume in these cases it’s been more about blog popularity than the blogger and their family. I think I’d be peeved if someone asked me to do something for free and hadn’t even bothered to read my blog to see if it was relevant …… so it would seem that the PR companies are as guilty of not taking reviews very seriously!

      My favourite critic on this sort of PR activity is @TheBlogess – imagine paper collating being that popular

      PR companies should be praising the likes of blogs like yours – instead of criticising an entire group of people

    • How could you not ask them – they are brilliant! You do such a good job and the review was extremely relevant to who you are.

      I’m not pulling any bloggers down for reviewing stuff they would use – they are the best people to tell everyone about it! And, they should be able to keep the stuff – they work hard for it.

      I’m just not ‘sitting pretty’ to be told by any PR (or blogger) that I have no right to keep the stuff I review (especially if I didn’t ask them for anything in the first place).

      I’m lucky to have been asked by the companies for the handful (oh well maybe a few more) reviews I have done, due to my showing an interest in the brilliant stuff they do. There is no harm in asking a company if you are genuinely interested in their product – they would be flattered if it was by a blogger like you.

  3. I like your style HonieBuk. And no friends were lost over my post but we did have a dodgy half hour when a couple of people thought I was taking th mick – which of course I was 🙂 Thanks for your link.

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