Silent Sunday 20/11/11

Silent Sunday 20/11/11 – Confused Kitty!



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20 Responses to Silent Sunday 20/11/11

  1. sarahmumof3 says:

    aww a friend for your kitty sooo sweet!

    • See now y’all I should point out to all of you that don’t know already ….
      That Nochi (my 17 wk old Russian Blue) does already have a companion – my 9 1/2 month old Bengal Tiger kitty!
      She does look a little leopardy – but not like this!

      You can find her in my blog in many places under Tilly Tiger Socks 😮

  2. actuallymummy says:

    Ha! That made me smile :))

  3. Notmyyearoff says:

    Does the kitty like the giraffe? That’s very cute!

  4. The beautiful cat looks decidely unimpressed with the cuddly toy!

    • He He. Now you are thinking – cos I can tell – that ‘I’ put that tiger toy there – you are aren’t you?

      Wellllll – I didn’t! Little Nochi Boo came and sat down beside said Tiger toy and settled down there. Then K’Boo came and plonked herself next to them both and he scarpered.

      Five minutes later, he came back and settled back there. How could I not take a picture of this?????

  5. I like the yellow one (not being an animal person).

  6. Ahhhh kitty cats making friends!

  7. LauraCYMFT says:

    Russian Blues are gorgeous cats. We had a cat who had a litter of kittens and one of the kittens was the exact colour of a russian blue but was definitely a moggie. I like bengals too!

    • Ooh that was a lucky litter! My Bengal Tilly Tiger Socks is 9 1/2 months old and HD brought her home for my birthday (shaking because I kept saying ‘No cats, not even a goldfish’) – I love them really!
      It’s his birthday this week and we went to pick up a Bengal 2 weeks ago – I even shoewd photos of the cat I thought he’d pick on Twitter. After 10 mins or so, he spotted the Russian Blues (had a cuddle) and on our way home we picked up a new cat carrier and went back for him (less than an hour later). He was smitten with kitten!

  8. Erica says:

    Pretty cat (Burmese?) Not worried what she sleeps next to.

  9. Robmoores1 says:

    Cute cat – but then I would say that! Where is that Tilly Tiger Socks hiding

  10. susankmann says:

    So cute. I used to have a moggy that looked like the British Blue loved him x

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