Test Tube Wonders – Science for 4 Year Olds

Rainbow Crystals - Test Tube Wonders

So how did K’Boo my four year old come to be making Rainbow Crystals from a Science Kit?

O’Pops got a ‘Science Kit’ from his Auntie over in Canada – she used to be a Science Teacher over here.

O’Pops is more of a lover of football, bless him! And every time K’Boo has seen the kit in his bedroom, she’s wanted to open it up and  find out what it does.  It does look intreguing to a child (just not to our O’Pops at the moment – the footie, on the other hand!).

So what happens next? How did she make Rainbow Crystals?

I could tell you how to do this – but I thought to give it to you in pictures was much more fun.  There is no better way than to let your child do the project themselves (with a little bit of supervision – like with cooking). A picture tells a thousand words – so there is something of an essay in all of these to follow ….

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3 Responses to Test Tube Wonders – Science for 4 Year Olds

  1. Brilliant! And what was his verdict on the taste?

  2. susankmann says:

    I’m so getting my 4yo this. x

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