Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas No. #1

There are lots of parenting tips and tricks available to the cyberworld and there is much to do about the preparations of Christmas (naturally, it’s almost upon us).  That said, I still find that while running around like a headless chicken with thoughts of “I must remember to order the turkey” and “Oh gawd what am I going to replace the huge kitty toy they call a Christmas tree with this year”  – I struggle to find the time and the money at the moment to satisfy all of my needs and in particular those of the children. I know I’m not alone!

And so ……

I’ve decided to give to you all, each and every day, just one tip, that will both be a quickie and has your pocket in mind – if it’s anything like mine there are holes in it (there must be, cos I don’t know where all the pennies are going right now).

So here’s my ‘Parenting Tip and Trick for Christmas No. 1’ and it’s the one I chose first because you have to be ‘very’ quick to get this one …

Once a year Cadbury bring out a limited selection of their chocolate fingers: toffee, double choc and the white chocolate ones known as ‘dream’!  When you see the latter, you have to buy them ‘straight away’ – Why? Because they are limited for a reason – they want them shifted pronto and not to be left with them after Christmas. And shift they do!

It'll be all white if you get these Cadbury 'Dream' White Chocolate Fingers in time for Christmas!!

It'll be all white if you get these Cadbury 'Dream' White Chocolate Fingers in time for Christmas!!

They appeared in Morrisons last week and given that they were on offer they were ALL gone the same day!!!! This was not useful to my needing them for a grand design I had crafted in my Christmas Fayre preparations (more on this in a few days time).

But …. they have returned

So, get your tight little bottoms (I’m imagining this is how it will look as you all rush off ) down to Morrisions pronto as they are in limited supply and this is the best bit ….

They are HALF PRICE at 89p a box!

I got mine yesterday and no, I’m not sharing – I NEED THEM ALL!!!!!

Watch out for tomorrow’s Parenting Tips & Tricks


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7 Responses to Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas No. #1

  1. Expat Mammy says:


  2. You need *all* 9? That’s just greedy! (These are my faves, definitely heading there tomorrow)

  3. He he yes missus I do *need all 9* because I CAN and becase I WILL

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