Let Them Eat Cake – (well if we must!)

If you came here thinking you’d get Marie Antoinette then I’m sorry, it’s just me!  But I’m sure that I’m probably a bit more approachable and down to Earth than she (and alive, which is always handy). One thing for sure is that if you come on over to the HonieHouse – there will always be cake!

I was invited last month to a Clandestine Cake Club event with the author of the Fives F’s Blog (@Kateab) which is not unusual because she is actually a friend of mine (that is, we have known each other beyond the keyboard) of a few years now (almost 5, in fact!).

We know each other from NCT circles, where there is always the likelehood of cake appearing – I see a pattern here! And, always some good parenting advice and a fair bit of fun along the way.

It was her first Clandestine Cake Club event as well as mine – but I came as a guest and she with cake. Needless to say, we both came home with cake as it’s compulsary (apparently) to take cake home with you. Sounds good to me! “An orderly queue please”

The next CCC meet up was only last night and it seems my thoughts have been dominated these last few weeks by the cake I had dreamed up in my head …..  A bit of a combination of two of my favourites in HoniesKitchen thrown into (or balanced on top of) one.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

It may come as a shock, but I’m not really a ‘cake maker’ (you know the proper ones that Grannie used to make) – more of a cookie, pie or at a push a cup cake maker ….. and most of the time I invent or re-create puddings that don’t invlove baking at all!  So a hearty lemon cake (that I did do once and not very well)  and a lemon fool pudding (which I actually can do very well) combination could potentially end in disaster!!!

So as it was HonieDaddy’s birthday last week and he absolutely loves lemon (great guinea pig material) I got my head around attempting to do it a few days in advance as a trial.

I have to say at this point that the recipe involved using copious amounts of white chocolate fingers (to hold it together) and so “Yes” Ms Bossy Boots (aka @TheBoyandMe) I did need them all  😮

It'll be all white if you get these Cadbury 'Dream' White Chocolate Fingers in time for Christmas!!

It’ll be all white if you get these Cadbury ‘Dream’ White Chocolate Fingers in time for Christmas!!

Well, you can imagine my horror when the ones I’d spotted in Morrisons the day before (all stacked up tall and part of a fabulous half price offer) had ALL gone!

I was not amused by the shelf stacking boy who simply said “Well, if they were on offer, then they will ALL go and NO we’re not getting them again” I was not amused at all, but given he was right and I should have got them when I saw them, I turned tail and went hunting elsewhere – for 2 hours!

I gave up in the end and for HD’s birthday made a cake topping that was very creamy and lemony – but had only a little bit of crushed meringue sprinkled like snow on the top and NO (not even one) chocolate finger in sight! But it DID taste good (oh yes). And HD was very happy 😮

Now I’m not mad about fruit cake and the theme of this CCC meet up was Christmas – so I would either have to satisfy myself with the snow sprinkled version or give up.

But ha ha – my desire to frequent supermarkets (which is fueled by my inability to actually push a shopping trolley and you can’t get a lot in a basket) was rewarded when I returned to the same supermarket and was telling the lovely girl at the till my story, when she pointed to the end aisle in front of her  – directing me to ‘another batch of Cadbury’s White Chocolate Fingers.’ I immediately put 9 boxes on the conveyor belt and thought no more about the possibility of having to give up – as if!

So ……. my excitement led me to write a blog post about how to get hold of the Dreamy white chocolate fingers and to dedicate a month of ‘parenting tips and tricks‘ to all my lovely readers (I mean how happy was I).

And here …. is a sneak preview and a link to the recipe for the finished cake.

Lemon Cream, Meringue & White Chocolate Christmas Cake

Warning: This cake contains a large pot of double cream, a whole block of butter, almost 3 boxes of white chocolate fingers, lots of lemon curd, Limoncello (if you like), a box of meringue nests and is not for those attending Slimming World any time soon – only click if you are sure you don’t mind it not being around long enough to go in a cake tin, even though it is HUGE! 😮

Lemon Cream, Meringue & White Chocolate Christmas Cake

It was lovely btw (but you knew it would be, didn’t you?). Probably more than I did (phew!)


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2 Responses to Let Them Eat Cake – (well if we must!)

  1. Jesus Christ someone get me some cholesterol tablets, I’m going in!

    That looks amazing and I will bring the flagoon of water required to help us work our way through it!

    • He he I took it to CCC and only had to bring 1/4 home – HD sulked when it first left the building. It IS so nice! I much prefer to fruit cake & a nice refreshing change. This is my 3rd attempt at a proper cake (not a victoria sponge, cup cakeir loaf cake) ever!

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