Parenting Christmas Tips & Tricks No #4 Hand Printed Wreaths

I have committed to posting a Parenting Tips and Tricks to my lovely readers every day up till Christmas.  If you want to know how and why this idea started  you can track back   to Tips and Tricks No #1

Today’s Tip & Trick is making your own hand painted or stencilled Christmas Wreaths – literally with your child’s own hands – well images of them!

For the painted prints:

  • Put some green finger paint (available from craft shops or ELC) on a plate and let your child splodge their hand in it.
  • Pencil a circle on paper or card
  • Get your child to make prints around the circle, fingers outwards
  • Using red finger paint you could add a red bow
  • Sprinkle with glitter if you like

Christmas Wreath Hand Made by Kids

For stencilled prints:

  • You will need either green paper/card or get your child to paint the card/paper green and when dry …
  • Draw around your child’s hand
  • Cut out carefully and use this to stencil more hands to cut out
  • Arrange in a circle to make a wreath
  • Apply glue and add glitter, stars and a bow if you wish

Paper Christmas Wreath - Hand Made by Kids

This is one of many crafty ideas that cost so little and you can keep as Christmas treasures to bring out each year. You are sure to get memories flooding back when you take them out each year and it’s nice to start your own family traditions.

Look out for Parent’s Christmas Tips & Tricks tomorrow and throughout the month.

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Take a look at Crafty Christmas (a cheat’s guide) by @TheBoyandMe for more crafty ideas and link up any ideas you might have.


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One Response to Parenting Christmas Tips & Tricks No #4 Hand Printed Wreaths

  1. I love both of these but the cutout hands are particularly effective.

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