Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas No. #5 – Clear the Clutter

We’re onto Parenting Tips & Tricks No. 5 – Clearing the Clutter …

I have committed to posting a Parenting Tips and Tricks to my lovely readers every day up till Christmas.  If you want to know how and why this idea started  you can track back   to Tips and Tricks No #1

I can’t believe how quickly December came round and now that it has, Christmas is knocking on my door to come in.  I haven’t got my decorations up yet, but plan to next weekend. Which means that I have that dreaded clear up/clear out thing to do in the week (and as if I have the time to do it, with Christmas Nights Out already started and 2 nights of the School Nativity Play also). I’m not complaining about either of these upcoming events, I’ve looked forward to them for ages! But there are not enough hours in the day as it is – never mind using them up to do a clear out!

So my parenting tip & trick for today is seriously a ‘trick’ – because I believe wholeheartedly in cheating in the category of ‘Domestic Needs’, which includes cooking, cleaning, shopping and anything ‘house’.

If you can’t clear the clutter on time – hide the clutter till you have some time ……

If, like me, you have all of your Christmas Decorations in boxes in the loft – replace them with boxes of things that you will not need and that are most definitely in the way over the Christmas period .

This might, almost definitely include any toys, books, clothing that you plan to get rid of because you are either replacing for new or because the children have grown out of them.

You can use cardboard boxes, readilly available from supermarkets (but label them) or plastic boxes that enable you to see the contents.

In the New Year you are more likely to have a little bit more time and can sort through what needs recycling: selling on ebay; giving away to friends or the charity shop – or what wants chucking out!

Get the kids to help. This might sound like a bad idea, but they might actually have an idea what they have grown out of or no longer have any interest in. If you think they might give you a hard time, try the line “We are getting ‘new’ things to play/wear – but ned to get rid of the old ones first.”

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So all your recycling and clutter out of the way – you can get on with the preparations for Christmas and the knowledge of knowing that not only is your house tidy of clutter during the celebrations – you have almost practically sorted it all out when it all comes back down from the loft and the decorations go back up again.

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