Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas No. #6 – Recycling the Cost of Gifts

Here is Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas No. 6 ….

I have committed to posting a Parenting Tips and Tricks to my lovely readers every day up till Christmas. If you want to know how and why this idea started you can track back to Tips and Tricks No #1

If like me you have a long list of people to buy for this Christmas, you might want to think of a way of keeping the cost down a little (or a lot).

Even if you like to surprise your children at Chrsitmas, chances are they have a fairly good idea what they are getting: the letter to Santa, the telling every person who asks them what they would like to have… it’s probably a good idea that we ‘do’ have a clue, because given the escalating cost, it would be disastrous if they got what they ‘didn’t’ want!

But ‘we’ sometimes do!!!!!

And that is why the top of the wardrobe has usually housed a stack of gifts from previous years (stunned silence – how did she know? Well not really that stunned!)

These gifts are usually of some reputable brand and it would not have been very good marketing to make them look undesirable . The chances are you probably got two (or three) that year – especially when Boots, Sainsbury’s & M&S have been doing 3 for 2 for a ‘few years’ now and so they are bought in abundance as the most popular Christmas gifts for friends and family (don’t quote me on that, it’s just a damn good guess!).

So recycle them already! Just not back to the person who gave them to you 😦

What you cannot find at the top of your wardrobe (or hidden inside), can be found at your local charity shops (my local town has more of these than card shops – which is then 2nd on the list of shop numbers, followed by cheap or pound shops).

I actually saw lots of Christmas stockings in a charity shop recently!

So after you’ve done charity shops (who have a fabulous selection of ‘looking prettied up for Christmas’ gift sets) where you will not only pay less – you’ll be helping out a worthy cause (*ahem* other than your pocket) – head for the cheap/pound shops. Most of them do branded goods these days and the packaging is exactly the same – so lots of ‘ooh ahhs’ can be expected in the same way as if it drained your bank balance getting as many 3 for 2’s as you could on Boots Christmas Points Promotion day – which you’ve probably missed now anyway!

Take a look at all of the other Parent Tips & Tricks for Christmas for some money saving/time saving ideas ….

No.7 (tomorrow) will give you ways of saving money on the Kids toys.

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6 Responses to Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas No. #6 – Recycling the Cost of Gifts

  1. actuallymummy says:

    We regift all the time! And everyone knows it too! I’m never sure how well it goes down though!

  2. fab post, im really skint this christmas because im a student and im saving for a vital college trip next year (honestly, its vital i go!) so ive managed to save money by buying in the WHSmith sale, making paintings and framing them before wrapping and in the past ive just done some really good photographs of the kids framed and wrapped. People moan at me all year they they havent got a picture of the kids despite that they own a camera! the unwanted gifts is a great idea! we have just had a clear out of toys to go to the local hospital but no doubt we will double up on something this year, i have one unwanted gift that will be a birthday pressie. my son has a party to go to this month and its perfect…i hope!

    • I take loads of photies – as does HonieDaddy (his are better than mine, but don’t tell him). I keep telling him we should sell some of them – another thing to consider for on my ‘to do list’ of ways to dream of being a millionaire 🙂
      You’ll probably like tomorrow’s tips & tricks on the money-saving front … It’s full of things that seem obvious, but in the heat of the Christmas frenzy, we always forget to do them.

  3. I regift all the time as well. I have a draw full of things ready to pass on again and I put a post-it note on them saying who they came from.

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