Parenting Tips & Ticks for Christmas No. #11 – Children’s Christmas Parties

Children’s Christmas Parties are a great idea for children to let off some of the ‘very excited’ steam they are gathering up and for parents to take a ‘well-earned’ break from the preparations and get some adult time to share the load.

You could hire a hall (Village Halls are approx. £25), but you could also attend a Christmas Party that’s already been planned.

After the routine of the last few weeks in school and all the Nativity play rehersals – the kids need some space to run around, play games and see all of their buddies in a ‘Child Friendly almost anything goes’ location.

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There will be space to run, games to play, prizes to win, yummy food to eat and most parties have a ‘special visitor’ to make it all very Christmassy and keep the kids in ‘nice list’ mode.

If you are fundraising for a toddler group or similar, you could hold a raffle with some donated prizes for the adults (or family prizes) to win. Local Play Centres might help out with this one and there are lots of willing businesses happy to promote to families at such a small cost (i.e. a prize).

Keep the magic alive and get to know other families with young children in your area – it’s great networking!

Take a look at your local paper, village notices, posters in playgroups, local library, etc. to find out where one is being held and give yourself a break and them a lot of fun.

If you are based in the Chorley, Lancashire area – I can tell you that our Chorley and Leyland NCT Branch are having a Children’s Christmas party that has all of the above and the gifts from Santa are lovely.

  • Ticket price is just £5 per child (parents free)
  • Date:  18th December
  • Venue: Buckshaw Village Community Centre (nr The Hub)

ALL FAMILIES are welcome to our events and we always have a memorable, fun-filled time.

Feel free to bring along some tasty treats to eat and to come in fancy dress if you wish.

For tickets, please drop me a line and I’ll sort them out for you and get your children on Santa’s list.

Our aim is to provide excellent services to families with young children and to allow good networking opportunities for all parents. The branch is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, who supply resources, support, make lasting relationships with friends and have a great time doing this.

If you want to know more about the NCT in your area take a look at the website


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  1. We’ve got out Breakfast with Santa this Saturday morning: £2.50 with a gift included. They are always good fun!

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