Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas No. #12 – Let’s Swop Toys!

Here’s Parenting Tips and Tricks No. 12 – Let’s Swop Toys!

As the Mother of a 12 year old daughter who has now grown out of many things and a 4 year old daughter (almost 5 years) who has grown out of and is growing into many things …… I know only too well that toys, like clothes don’t ever get their full intended use (if bought from a well known/well made manufacturer).

I gave all of my eldest daughter’s toys away to a family member, who given that she had so many fabulous, colourful, well made toys – squeeked with delight!  I got a similar response when I gave bags and bags of all of her clothes away!  I shudder at the thought of having to buy the whole lot again now as I literally had the first 6 years of her life put away (finding it almost unbearable to part with) – to have another lovely little girl just a year later (such bad timing).

So …. I’m not going to be having any more children and have boxes upon boxes of toys. Now that my youngest daughter is slowly but surely growing out of these  – it has made perfect sense to give them a wipe clean, re-box the toys that still have them and tag them up nice and neat for our bi-annual NCT Nearly New Sales. Toys always get sold very well (particularly the sale before Christmas) because there are so many toys in very good condition.

If they are good enough to sell – they are good enough to swap!

Consider, that if you have a group of friends with children of ‘similar’ ages, they too will have toys that their child is perhaps a little bored of  ‘or’ that it is simply good ‘play & learn’ practice to introduce new toys every now and then, to stimulate their interests.

Take a look through the toy box – or the box you’ve been storing those ‘ready for ebay/charity shop’ items and meet up with your friends to discuss a toy swap.

If you consider toys like Orchard Toys and ELC, they seem to last forever – given the quality of them. These are two that I would happily pass on to smiling faces.

They should be in good enough condition to make good Christmas presents and still age appropriate. If they tick both of those boxes – swap away! You have nothing to loose, pounds to save and a happy child with a ‘nearly new & none the wiser to it’ toy.

This is no different to getting crafty buys from Nearly New Sales (who have a fabulous reputation for being good quality items) or well sourced buys from charity shops. The best bit about ‘swapping’ is that it won’t cost you a penny and you know the home it has come from.

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This and none of the other Parent’s Tips & Tricks for Christmas are sponsored posts – just some good advice and ‘all of my own product’s to pass on and help out other parents. I do admit to selecting  a few photos of Google images for clarity of purpose.
Cheers Lynda  – Thanks for the pic 😮

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3 Responses to Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas No. #12 – Let’s Swop Toys!

  1. Excellent tip there missus. I always manage to get bargains at the NNS and can’t recomment it highly enough.

    • We’re lucky to have them really. They are a life saver for some families and there’s not a bad thing I can say about them for lots of reasons when you have young kids – great for saving money, recycling, selling on, re-using, networking, supporting families and raising money for a great charity.

      I have so many things though that swapping makes perfects sense and so I’m going to have a good clear out.

  2. Susan Mann says:

    What a great idea. x

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