My Favourite Christmas Song

I was tagged recently by @Kateab from The Five F’s Blog to tell everyone what my favourite Christmas song is. She was tagged by Garry from The Blog Up North.

Music is played everyday in the Honiehouse – some of the stuff is from the US and you may have not have heard of it. We had been listening to Jack Johnson and Lady Antebellum long before they hit it big here for instance. And, there is always the velvet smooth voice of John Mayer (I’ll stop there or I’ll start drooling).

One of my favourite US female singers is Martina McBride – she is massive in the US and was the replacement for CMA winnings after Shania Twain (now you’ve all heard of her, right!).

I love lots of songs and absolutely love Christmas – when all of the gawd damn shopping is out of the way (I don’t like shovey people in crowds) – my idea of hell on Earth is shopping on Christmas Eve. I have witnessed cat fights in the aisles of Sainsbury’s and seen cream pots get spilled all over the floor in the process – it was close to a a cream wrestling scene (WWF style).

But if I had to choose …….

My favourite Christmas Carol is ‘The Christmas Song’ (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire).

But my favourite song is Martina McBride’s version of ‘O Holy Night’ from her White Christmas album.  I love Martina because she has such a great and unbelievably powerful range – great for ‘attempts’ to belt out those ‘Music for Therapy’ moments. I am in awe of the way she can sing songs that I would crack up and cry too (Concrete Angel being the one that has me blubbering everytime). She sings ‘O Holy Night’ with such passion and even the least religious Mummy’s amongst us could get emotional when she sings “Fall on your knees.” It’s a much more dramatic  line in the song – you’ll get it when you here this. And here it is live and acapella ….

For a recorded version and with lyrics ….

Well I’d love to hear what Christmas song inspires you or you could just listen to over and over again. Maybe it’s that one song that when you hear it – you know it’s definitely Christmas!

I shall tag the following lovelies in the hope of hearing their choice ..

If you want to joing in too – feel free and let me know what your choice of Christmas song is.

You can find Kate’s song choice here


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4 Responses to My Favourite Christmas Song

  1. I have chills! What a crystal clear and strong voice she has! Those money-notes are astounding. I am really pleased that you chose a carol because I think they are a far better choice than Wham’s Last Christmas, even if I do like it.

    • She is amazing! We have all of her albums and some are bouncy, fun songs – but others jaw-droppingly moving. Her song Concrete Angel was written to raise awareness of child abuse and I blubber every time I hear it (apparantley it was difficult for her to record). She writes a lot of songs that raise awareness of domestic abuse.
      I used to lie on the floor with the speakers to my ears listening to Wham songs and could probably recite the entire Make it Big and Fantastic albums 😮

  2. Susan Mann says:

    What a beautiful song. I love Martina McBride, she has an amazing voice. Thank you for the tag. x

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