Action at the Speed of Light – WowWee Light Strike Review

Action at the speed of Light with Light Strike Laser Combat Weapons.

I was recently asked to review a whole load of kit by Wowwee Light Strike and the idea of jumping around with laser combat rifles and gadgets to make them do better, faster stuff seemed to appeal to the ‘boys’ and ‘adventurers’ in the HonieHouse. WowWee are the people who brought us ‘Paper Jamz’ electronic guitar toys – where you could pretend to be a rock star, even if yu couldn’t play a musical note.

The kit came with:

  • Assault Striker G.A.R. – 023 rifle
  • Assault Striker S.R. – 143 rifle
  • Intelligent Targeting System
  • Rapid Fire System (Assault Striker Accessory)
  • Scope (Assault Striker Accessory)
  • Enemy Scanner (Assault Striker Accessory)
  • Refractor Launch System (Assault Striker Accessory)

The whole kit looks very impressive and can be played by one person or several taking turns with the 2 rifles if the Intelligent Targeting System is used for various ‘target shooting’ modes.

The Assault Striker rifles are lightweight and made to look like the real thing with good artwork and lights and sounds to boot. You score points by shooting your target with a light beam and reload as often as you need to. There is a hidden socket for attachments that boost your rifles capabilities (listed below).

What I liked about the Light Strike Assault Strikers is that it brings video games into the real word and right into your backyard – so no more couch potato and some real active fun, using your own imagination to set the scene. Boys play has just come back to how it used to be – tactical, energetic and even getting ‘down in the dirt’.

For ‘ITS‘ play you can form teams and either shoot your own colour to add to team points or steal your enemies colour. You can also stop your enemy from stealing. You can have 4 teams of as many players as you wish.

In addition there is ‘Medic Mode‘ to boost health; Sentry Mode to detect and blast enemies & Bomb Mode to send explosive blasts to nearby enemies. The ITS is £24.99 on Amazon, but I’ve seen it cheaper on ebay.

For combat with the above kit, 2 can play (2 x Assault Striker rifles) and there are 4 add ons between the 2 rifles to take turns at trying out. The rifles are £39.95 and £45.95 respectively on Amazon, but again you can get it cheaper on ebay.

The add on accessories make the rifles have interesting and advantageous elements – it’s worth researching to see which you would prefer as they cost between £9.99 & £12.99 each and guess what – there’s some cheaper on ebay!

The downside is the amount of batteries they take. I wasn’t prepared for this and even my ‘surplus’ stock in the cupboard didn’t cover it. But I read reviews myself and one comment suggests that weeks later, they were still going strong!

The sounds and lights make for realistic laser target play (it reminded me of Laser Quest) and the add on accessories are fun to experiment with.

Rapid Fire System is a bipod that locks onto your Assault Striker rifle and allows fully auto fire mode for major blasting and extends the life of your ammo considerably.

Enemy Scanner allows you to know when your moving target is in range (detects movement within 30 feet/10 metres) and increases the damage potential of your weapon.

Scope doubles your firing range up to 100 feet/30 metres. So you can hit targets normally out of range.

Refractor Launch System gives you real recoil action and defeats enemies with one ‘super shot’.

This is a great toy for ages 8 and above and requires tactical skills and either very good stealth mode and accurate shooting or a lot of energy and lucky random shooting.

It’s great fun and adds a realistic element to combat games. A long way away from the Cowboys and Indians using plastic cap guns in my youth.

I would recommend this as a good Christmas buy, especially as it’s dark outside at this time of year and to encourage outdoor active play. The add ons (Assault Striker Accessories) can be bought at any time and are readily available on Amazon and eBay.

The verdict – HonieLikes!

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This is a sponsored post in that I have received the items from a PR company on behalf of WowWee for review purposes to test.  The pictures, content and opinions are all of my own.


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