Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas No. #16 – A very tasty idea (discounted restaurant bills)

Today, with Parenting Tips & Tricks Iam bringing you glad tidings of how to get discounted restaurant bills over Christmas and the New Year and just possibly for the rest of next year too!

Recently, I tried out ‘Tastecard’.A handy little card to pop in your wallet and take with you when you dine out. You can download an app’ for who accepts this card and then if you phone and book in advance and let them know you are using Tastecard, you get serious discounts off your meal. This could be 50% of your food bill or a free main and starter for every main and starter that you order. Now that’s some saving!

Tastecard are offering a FREE 30 days trial on their card (one application per household), but if you are already convinced that this could save you lots of money, then you can get the card in time for Christmas and as a special promotion they are doing it for £29.95 – instead of £69.95. But hurry, as this promotion ends tomorrow!

Now, if you are still racking your brains as to whether this is a good deal – and whether your other half would like to recieve one of these for a Christmas Gift (cos I would – OK, I am as I’ve just bought mine), then consider that if you were eating out just 3 times in the next 12 months and saved just £10.00 each time -you’ve convered the cost completely and the rest is all savings.

My last trip to The Railway Bistro nr to me came with 1 free main and 1 free desert (just 2 adults dining, with the kids) and this saved me over £15.00 off the total cost of the bill. If two more adults had been with us – the card would have done us justice as it would have been double this :o) This was by the way using a ‘trial card’.

Here is a link to see at least 50 restaurants near you that acept TasteCard

If you still aren’t sure – take the trial card, you have 30 days of Christmas, New Year and January dining at a huge discount and lets face it at this time of year ‘discount’ is a word that doesn’t often come with ‘time – out’.

Here’s the link to the TasteCard site and both offers!

***** Happy Dining *****

In case you were wondering – just like all of the other Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas – this is NOT a sponsored post!

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One Response to Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas No. #16 – A very tasty idea (discounted restaurant bills)

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Excellent tips, & very timely. Happy New Year. You sound very like one of my sisters – very resourceful. It’s excellent.

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