7/366 Time for Family (Progress) #Project366

The weekend arrived and 7/366 happened to be when I had time for family and a worthy contender for #Project366.

Christmas was a time for immediate family and I was lucky enough to see lots of extended family at the New Year and even to have my Dad ‘escape’ from hospital to have him with me too! But in the following days, he had to go back into hospital and my Sister now living just doors away (she moved a whole quarter of a mile just before Christmas) meant we could catch up and still be supportive.

It’s lovely to have her nearer and I’m hoping I won’t let the excuses of my busy family life stop me popping in whenever, for whatever – as you do with Sisters!

This picture is of my Niece (24), the man in her life and my Daughter (K’Boo, 4 – almost 5).

I’ts a natural shot and they were unaware of the photo (as I’d been snapping away like Paparazzi earlier anway and was a bit quieter now). It’s a picture that screams ‘progression’ to me as this is my Niece, the little girl I watched grow up very closely, now a Mother herself.  She is with her new partner (new meaning not years) and it seems to be a relationship of give and take and much acceptance of each other (lots of laughs and smiles) and of my own Daughter, so very young at almost 5 years old and even though she has learned so much, this bright little spark will now be lighting up many years as my Niece used to.

These are the thoughts that flash through my mind (compressed in an instant) as I press the shutter release and the camera records the picture, preserving my memory at remarkable speed (1/30).

It’s for this reason, I am entitiling photo 6/366 …

Time for Family (Progress)

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A bit of interesting progress (if you fancy) is that when my Niece was K’Boo’s age, that Nintendo DS3 would have been the Nintendo Super Famicom (or here in the UK known as SNES – Super Nintendo Entertainment System) who’s main rival was the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. I had to look back at the history of Nintendo to remember this.


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4 Responses to 7/366 Time for Family (Progress) #Project366

  1. i can’t imagine having a 24 year old niece – it will happen one day I know.
    It is amazing to think that one day the little people in our lives will become adults just like us.

    • I was 16 when she was born!!! OMG 8o) I’ve watched her grow up as my Sister (4 yrs older than me) lived at home while they were saving for a house. I remembered thinking then, that being a parent must be scary, as I’d of done anything for her (15 yrs behind bars even).

  2. @Kanga_Rue says:

    Loving that you’re now up to date on your posts (I’m working my way backwards through them).

    Love the easy nature of this one 🙂

  3. ooh well where have you been, lol I’ve been up to date since Sunday ha ha!

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