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10/366 Whisper it To Me – Secretive Sisters #Project366

We are on day 10/366 of #Project366 and it’s starting to get second nature to think about this project when taking pictures. Capturing images of my day is already something that comes naturally – now I just need to get … Continue reading

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About that Clutter!!!!! #Parenting Tips & Tricks in the New Year

Hi y’all …. You might remember that back in December I did Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas … if you do then you’ll have seen some tips on saving money time and some crafty ideas for Christmas.  One thing … Continue reading

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9/366 A Grand Relationship #Project366

Today’s posting of #Project366 and photo 9/366 marks a moment that I’m glad to have known and held in my heart for many, many reasons.  It is indeed a Grand Relationship of two generations at opposite ends of life itself … Continue reading

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