About that Clutter!!!!! #Parenting Tips & Tricks in the New Year

Hi y’all …. You might remember that back in December I did Parenting Tips & Tricks for Christmas … if you do then you’ll have seen some tips on saving money time and some crafty ideas for Christmas.  One thing was for sure, there seems to be less in the pockets of families these days and so they are turning to other parents and families for ideas and advice … It’s great to network and the Twitter Community is full of support. My offering is to continue offering some advice (hopefully good and useful) to parents and families and seeing if we can get this New Year of to a good start with some crafty, thrifty, healthy and even holistic inspiration.

One of the Parenting Tips & Tricks posts of December was Clear the Clutter. But rather than give yourself a hard time about it ‘prior’ to Christmas – you had enough to worry about and probably tonnes on your plate – the days before Christmas were not the time to do a good job of it or to make a bit of cash on the side. My advice then, was to replace the Christmas decoration boxes with boxes of the stuff you want to get rid of.

Now assuming you did and the decorations have made it back to the loft, I’m also assuming that the boxes of stuff might still be in the spare room – or if you are like me, all over the house again!

If like me you look at it and think “Oh No! Tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow”. Then it’s time to think up a plan.

I understand Rome was not built in a day and this stuff did accumulate over a long period of time. Also, as long as it’s sitting there looking out of the boxes and bags with it’s evil beady eyes (what you mean yours haven’t got them) – well it’s basically getting me down, clutter does that to a person and stops them doing fun things and when you want to get organised, you find yourself still wondering how to clear this stuff before you do anything productive. So I have to do more than think about it – a plan of ‘Action’ is about to begin.

So on with the Wonder Woman suit (you don’t have one of them either?) and activate the forces of indestructable willpower.  “Clutter you are doomed to be blasted out of the HonieHouse, never to return mwaaahhhh ha ha”

Ok, back to reality …. My plan is in 3 simple understandable steps and I have to stick to this to make it happen – no hugging and smelling the baby clothes (you will fall at the first hurdle). Sentimentality does not clear your house and it is stopping you moving on.

There will be 3 piles, no less, mo more of bags and boxes at the end of this plan of action. Any more is deemed as failure. Take note!

So empty each and every box into these 3 piles (which are allowed to be boxes/bags)

  1. If it’s in good condition – no marks, no stains, no fraying, no obvious wear and tear (fading and a bit of bobbling is OK, it has been worn and is not brand new after all) and has no missing pieces and is not broken (and you would possibly buy it as a bargain if you or kids hadn’t got fed up with it or grown out of it) or if it is obviously ‘brand new and not worn’, then it goes on the ebay pile to SELL.
  2. If it does have obvious wear and tear, is a little mishapen, the odd mark and still has no missing pieces and is not broken and could still have some life left in it, then it goes to the Charity Shop as a DONATION.
  3. Lastly, if it doesn’t meet points 1 and 2  or has missing pieces and is broken, then it’s the BIN.

There are no other piles. You are not saving this for your Sister’s boyfriend’s Niece, or anyone else you can think of to try and prolong the inevitable – this stuff is turning your house into a curiosity shop – you ‘ll be a cat lady next, taking in waifs and strays. Stop it!  If you had intended to give it away then you would have done by now and lets face it, they don’t want your clutter either!

Once the clutter is in 3 identifyable piles, the first thing to do is put pile/box/bag no.3 straight into the BIN. This is the easiest one to get rid of and you will have done a third of your task when you do. If there is a lot of it – then put it straight into the boot of your car, drive down to the Tip (Refuse Centre for those have no idea what I mean, lol) and get rid of it.

If you are driving to the tip and not walking to the bin, then put pile/bag/box no.2 in the back seat (remember to strap the kids in first, you might be tempted to lift them out at the same time) and take this lot to the charity shop while you are out. If it was the bin you opted for in the last paragraph, then you can still load the car with this lot and “Voila- That’s two thirds of the job done!”

The final bit takes a little bit more planning, not much, but if you follow these steps you can do this and get a lot of satisfaction while you do, as if you play your cards right, you’ll earn a little bit of cash and have a little bit of fun.  My guess is that twice a year you will be putting this plan in to action and have a much clearer house for it.

For clothing, you will need to buy some ‘clothing bags’ – they are usually grey, tough, lightweight and you can pick them up on ebay (chuckle), but my favourite (and I use these) is 100 x 16 x 12″ bags from Amazon . They cost £8.79 and it’s FREE shipping, that’s less than 9p a bag and you get this back in your P&P charges anyway. Even if you feel you need to use 2 bags to bag each item – they are still cheap as chips and you are still claiming the 18p back in P&P.

If you have not done so, set up an ebay account and ALSO a Paypal account. The Paypal account is for your security in receiving payment and for the buyer’s security in receiving the goods. The ebay account is unbelievably easy and the Paypal account takes a couple of days to activate – they ask you to deposit something like 10p into your account to make sure it’s you (which is a bit exciting and it’s funny how you wonder if it will work – when you are obviously not money laundering or a criminal, but you still feel it might not work, lol).

To be a reputable seller you need to have some score rating (ooh it’s a bit like blogging) and so a couple of cheap purchases (like strong, grey mailing bags, or one of a million cheap 99p offers you can find on there) will set you off with an “I can trust this person” they paid and received reputation.

Now pop on over to this post to pick up tips on selling on ebay!


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