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Friday 13th – No Myth! A Real Piece of History (The Knights Templar 13th October 1307)

Whether you are superstitious or not and even if you feel yourself completely unaffected by Friday 13th (thirteenth), the real route of the superstitions and reasons for it being deemed unlucky have little to do with myths or heebee geebee! … Continue reading

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Vaginas, Periods and the Mooncup!

Why would someone, anyone, me, you, your best girlie friend want to use a Mooncup? What the squidgy once a month fannies is a Mooncup anyway? It sounds like something I’d read in a children’s story book …. Cotton Rabbit … Continue reading

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13/366 Unlucky for Some – Almost for Tilly Boo (Tiger Socks) #Project366

Day 13/366 in my attempt to take up the challenge that is #Project366 and today my slightly superstitious mind has me thinking that today’s photo is going to be somewhat unusual. So, where does the fear of Friday the Thirteenth … Continue reading

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