Time for a Change!!!

I’ve not been blogging (or Tweeting much) – but not because I have had my feet up or have been kidnapped or even because I was not very inspired.  I have been ridiculously busy with my 5 YO (yay she’s turned 5) and her Birthday Plans, Party and the Birth DAY itself! Then there was some family issues to sort out and school problems with one of the Honie’s, followed by a nasty accident that K’Boo had with an escalator 😦 But my sebatical for several weeks from the blogging scene had my mind doing some sort of assault course during this time and I’ve also been pondering over rather a few issues I need to address with my life – so it’s ALL CHANGE!

Firstly, now that K’Boo is at school (and her recent birthday drummed this in as hard as a steel hammer and 6 inch nails) …. I  N.E.E.D. to address what is going on in the day time in my somewhat inactive and lacking in adult converstaion life.  I mean, turning up at NCT Stay & Play sessions (without a small person) to sample the cakes and biscuits, latest goings on and fab recipes once a week is not exactly cutting it for me.

Secondly, I am putting on weight in a rather progressive and annoying way (again) and ignoring the fact that I’m not a sugar happy, dairy happy, gluten happy chic (for a rather long time now) …. is not helping how I feel, let alone the weight increase! Me and the scales are having a love-hate relationship.

Last but certainly not least …. I want (on a much more regular basis, than say once a millennium) to feel good about myself – how I look, how I feel and what I’m thinking about. So the change is going to have to be rather radical – no, R.A.D.I.C.A.L!

I could sit here and make excuses about having tried alternative methods of career employment – since I can’t be a Sports Therapist with a dodgy hip (all that lunging, squatting, lifting, twisting, etc. is no longer possible). I helped out for a while at a friends nursery when they first set up (and for a while afterwards), but small people require rather a lot of squatting, lifting, twisting and getting rather low down on the floor for periods of time – so that wasn’t ideal!  I think that if I had to sit behind a desk ever again and kiss ass with some senior secretary that took pleasure taking advantage of my need for the job and lack of support, making my working day hell on Earth –  I might not enjoy it so much (ah yes, I don’t NEED the job any more and I DO have support) …. obviously some issues I need to deal with there, lol.

‘Once upon a difficult time in my life’ …. I managed to go from a size 18 to a size 10/12 in about 18 months (16-10 in about 12 of those) through unbelievable focus, strict eating, running around like a headless chicken & a considerable amount of stress. Now vs my current situation of not having ‘as much’ stress, being unable to run around at all and well, not exactly fitting into those size 10 dresses anymore is a little too much on the other side of the scales. I need balance, as well as change!

I didn’t used to be ‘just‘ a Sports Therapist – I actually started out as a Holistic Therapist and after years of study, course after course and working from being a mobile Therapist (including workplace), progressing to having space in a Private Hospital – finally setting up my own Treatment Room. During this time, I was (although chaotic in my own life)  providing Life Coaching and Nutritional Advice.  It had been a lifestyle I was accustomed to and continuous study and soul searching made it come naturally to me – the word Holistic is not something you just print on your stationary … it has to mean something!

When I started doing Project366, I started to realise that there was little going on that I enjoyed doing for ‘myself’. I mean, I absolutely love taking photographs – I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time doing it, I still take lots, but my subjects have been my children for a while and now that they are not there for a huge chunk of the daytime – I need to think out of the box a lot more.

Also, when having a serious clearout (that clutter issue again) I came across a batch of my work – 3-fold brochures I used to produce myself, posters and a newsletter I used to put together for my clients – OMG I was so positive back then and although I don’t produce blogs full of specific and lifechanging advice – back then, I did!  I felt a huge sense of ‘wasting my time and talents’ come over me and felt I should lift the negativity cloud that was hovering over my head.

So Ms Honie B in your bonnet,

“What are you planning to do about all of this?”

I don’t plan!  I’m impulsive, I’m spontaneous.  I want it all, I want it now and the only thing stopping me is my worst enemy (even if it’s funny at times) – indecisiveness!  So I haven’t got a clue what I want and so I can’t have it now!

OK – so maybe I need to drop the sponteneity and think things through … (dum de dum de dum, thumb twiddle, foot shuffle). I’m bored already!  Let’s move on >>>>>>>

Well alright, lets talk about what I HAVE DONE recently and then I can get back to positive thinking …

  • I stopped blogging (temporarilly) and took a step back from the day to day norm’
  • I have emptied my freezer of all of the rubbish and also the things that I have been lurking in the corners for far too long – I won’t be eating them, they are history!
  • I have filled my fridge (crammed it to the point of it almost falling out even) with fresh meat, salad and veggies – there is no room for cakes and yummies!
  • I have put all of K’Boo’s toys (from the last 5 years) into 1 room and have sorted out what is going elsewhere (it’s all about clearing the clutter).
  • I then sat down on my kitchen floor and commenced emptying my cupboards of their entire contents – there has been a change around and I’ve chucked what I don’t want and made a list of what I DO want.
  • I have still taken lots of photographs (and they are still mostly the children and the kitties), but I’m not going to stress about actually posting them everyday – once a week is OK as long as they are a picture from each day.
  • I have (drum roll) started a Photography Course. It’s only an NCFE, but I’ve got a new DSLR and the point of the course is not to produce another set of letters after my name – it’s about getting my head in the game, doing a serious ‘rewind’, putting the right pieces in place and moving forward at a reasonable pace.  It also gives me an opportunity to mix with other people with the same interests and to have a bit of ‘ME’ time.
  • I called my Dad up and asked him to come round so that HD and me could go to the pictures (so I switched “I’d love to go and see that” to “I am going to see that – tonight!”)
  • I prepared a very tasty, healthy meal of lamb and veggies and loaded it into the slow cooker for dinner – although I realised this ran into my getting to Zumba time 😦
  • Despite running late, I did turn up to my Zumba Class (yay me) – I can’t bounce around like a sexy chic on speed, but I can do a reasonable amount of the moves (with adaptations) and it’s great fun! The instructor is aware of my hip problems and she secretly adds a lot of Pilates moves so it’s a MUST to keep this up.
  • When I nipped into the gym to get a water top up after the class, I did not leave – no, I did not! I jumped on the excersise  bike for 20 mins (yay me!).
  • I’m back in my Yoga Class and so all that stretching and muscle burning is hopefully going to fill me with lots of energy and a nipped in waist and tummy – my legs are definitely shaping up!
  • I’m missing the Candestine Cake Club (ahhhhh all the things I can’t have in one room in huge amounts!!!). I’m not worried – I’ve already looked up Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free Cakes and I don’t think that they look wrist slashingly in the taste department.
  • I’m swimming at least once a week and my hour in the pool equates to between 64 (a mile) and 70 lengths. If I get a second stint in the week I do at least another 32 lengths.
  • I’ve also started back with Pilates the day after Yoga, so despite my shoulders and stomach muscles groaning for a day or two, my posture and strength is being ‘gently’ kicked back into shape too.
  • I have gathered a list of lovely things to review and have taken lots of photographs to tell you all about them – they will be rolling off these reviews in the coming weeks, with some fabulous competitions to win some of these yourself.

And so …  (obviously cos you’re reading it) I decided that I would celebrate today by documenting what I had achieved lately. There is so much flying around in my head and much more to happen – I don’t want to say that it won’t happen – but I also don’t want to document these things until they do happen. All in good time!

But for now – a change is a coming and it’s incoming hard and fast …….

Watch this space!

P.S.     I had to delay the posting of my RADICAL changes lol, because when out buying new crockery to replace the stuff I’d already chucked out, K’Boo had a nasty accident on an escalator …. Some things take priority, no matter what!

She was in a cast and walked with a frame, but is managing without both now and the amazing thing that the body is, it is now mending all by itself. Although her confidence is a bit wobbly (as well as her walking) she has been a very brave little soldier and has adapted to the changes as best she could – It’s not easy for an active little girl to sit out of play time and P.E.!  But, there has been lots of pampering and support in the HonieHouse and she will be fully recovered soon.

So I’m back to blogging and posting and there are photo’s, reviews and competitions about to descend on my blog very soon.

Thanks for coming back to see 🙂


About HonieMummy (HonieBuk)

Vegan Mama. Organic Gardener. Guider. Admin for Veganuary and run my own Plant Based /Dairy Free page. Mum to 3, Wife to 1. Allotment holder and growing from home. Currently trying 'Back to Eden' method and studying a Diploma in Organic Gardening. Guide Leader and all round Super Woman (well trying to be) 😁🌱
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13 Responses to Time for a Change!!!

  1. Sue says:

    Bliddy heck… you left me breathless just reading this!! I need someone to put a bomb under me too!!

  2. So glad you’re back, missed you! Hope that you keep going with all the positive changes in your life, I need me some of that!

  3. Good luck with all your plans – sounds like an exciting time for you. xxx

    • It’s certainly a busy time! But at least I have a better understanding of what was really going on and what I really NEED more than anything. It’s not often we get to think for ourselves as parents. The ruth is we can be much better parents if we allow some time for ourselves. I did a blog post about that in my other blog ‘Time-Out for Mums’ – it’s in the category selection of my header.

  4. Susan mann says:

    That’s a lot of changes. It’s tough when they start school. Good luck with everything & look forward to hearing all about it. Sorry about kboo hope she’s ok. Hugs x

    • She’s coping very well Susan, thanks. It put a huge stop to my ‘thinking of me’ period, but was also a big part of the stepping back from the ‘jumping in’ process.

      It was OK to make priorities, but when she was OK, I hadn’t lost what I’d discovered – I could just carry on thinking about what I needed to do. I had already put some things into action and was able to carry on doing them afterwards.

      I hope that I do carry on doing positive things and that I can also continue to accept the things I can’t do.

  5. actuallymummy says:

    I’m impressed and I want to find the motivation to do the same. A stone has crept on in the past couple of years and I am not doing much to alter it. I use the excuse of work and the blog, but if I don’t get it sorted soon theres no point in all the rest. Well done you 🙂

    • Nothing achieved without perseverance & Rome was not a Friday afternoon job. It’s not easy – but hey, the satisfaction of getting what you want when it’s hard to achieve is greater.

      Just don’t go and celebrate on cakes and cocktails

  6. So I hit a really interesting post 3 minutes before the children arrive home from school. I will be back but in the meantime, thanks so much for your party attendance and this wonderful post being linked up with #groovymums

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