Family Travel and Tips for Avoiding a Cargument (Guest Post)

How do you avoid a Cargument?

The Honies like to travel and when we do it often involves a ‘roadtrip’ worth documenting … roadtrips like 2000 miles around California or feeling the need to fly from Portland or when we took a holiday in Nelson BC.

So it’s fair to say, we have some experience of the ups and downs of travelling as a family – especially with 3 children of different age groups, abilities and needs.

So I am happy for Sainsbury’s Finance Family Blogger Network to Guest Post tips for long car trips with the family. I will be posting some travel experiences of my own soon and there are sure to be some tips and tricks for you to pick up or inspire you to make the leap of faith that family travel sometimes is. In the meantime I hope that you find some of the tips Sainsburys Finance Family Blogger Network have to offer very helpful.

The art of avoiding a ‘Cargument’

Cars and arguments have a long history together – probably all the way back to the invention of the automobile itself. Take one motor vehicle, add a person you love (or at least thought you did) as a passenger, go for an extended drive and you have a potent cocktail for raging rows, ruthless accusations and bruised egos.

Much like Brad and Angelina’s collective term – ‘Brangelina’ – a new abbreviation of the ‘car argument’ has evolved: the ‘Cargument’.


It has been speculated that it is almost impossible to drive more than 200 miles with your partner or family without some kind of strife. To shed light on the phenomenon, it’s worth doing a brief analysis of the makeup of a cargument. Why do they happen, and can they be avoided?

Nobody’s perfect, and in many aspects of life it’s possible to turn a blind eye to your partner’s nail biting, poor map reading or annoying phone voice. However, when hurtling along the A303 at 60mph to a soundtrack of traffic noise and Radio 4, tempers can start to fray at the merest provocation.

But it is at this point that we must step back from the brink and think. If you find yourself in this situation and feel your hackles rising, go through this mental checklist:

  • Would I let this irritation pass if I wasn’t in a car?
  • Am I reacting partly because I can’t walk away from this scenario?
  • Is my partner unaware that he/she is being annoying?

If you answer yes to any of the above, then it’s probably best to just keep your helpful thoughts to yourself. If you answer no to all of the above, then you may indeed have cause to raise your objections – if this is the case, make a mental note, and say your piece after you finish your journey.

Keep your cool

Remember, no matter how stressful your journey gets, it’s wise to do everything you can to maintain a cool, calm and collected atmosphere in the car. Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers.

In the worst case scenario here are a few mantras which you can repeat to achieve an unwavering state of zen.

  • You can’t improve partners map reading skills, but you can get a sat-nav.
  • You can’t change your unappealing destination but you can ignore it until you get there.
  • You can’t get out of being ‘designated driver’ but you can insist on breakfast in bed the next day.
  • You can’t change your partner… yet!

Be prepared

As with many things in life, preparation is key. Make sure you’ve got everything you’re going to need for the journey before you set off, and plan your route well in advance. And for peace of mind, make sure have adequate breakdown and car insurance cover to prepare for every eventuality – you don’t want your journey to be any more infuriating than it needs to be!


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2 Responses to Family Travel and Tips for Avoiding a Cargument (Guest Post)

  1. Hunter says:

    Traveling with kids can be really difficult. One thing we have learned from years of flying and driving with the kids is to always have some form of back up entertainment. We added the DISH Remote Access app to our tablet. I had over heard one of my DISH coworkers talking about how they could stream live TV and DVR recordings as long as they had 3g, 4g or WIFI. This sounded perfect for our trips with the kids and it worked out very well. We could just pass the tablet back and they could watch the Disney channel live or they can access the DVR to watch one of the many kids movies we have on there. Now we can travel in peace.

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