Rhyme Robber – A Steal from Orchard Toys

A parcel  arrives here at the HonieHouse and I know before I open it that we are not going to be disappointed.

Nochi checks the box , all sound and perfectly packaged – no mistake who this is from – Orchard Toys, of course! 

So what’s in the box? 

Rhyme Robber

Ages: 5-9  Players: 2-4

Educational Values: English & PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education)

How to Play:  Fill your swag bag with rhyming pairs, but beware of rhyme robbers! 

“A fun, rhyming game. Collect the sets of rhyming words to put into your swag bag, but beware of robbers pinching your cards! The player with the most rhyming cards wins.”

New to Orchard Toys, Rhyme Robber is another innovative game, that is both lots of fun and has great educational value.

I had to get this out of the box and take the photos before K’Boo got home from school.  She had seen the box and knew that it was going to be something exciting. I was on borrowed time to explore the game myself.

The game consists of 48 rhyme card tokens, 4 rhyme robber boards (with swag bags), a ryhme guide board (to help children to identify and remember) and clear instructions.

To test it out, HonieDaddy and Me played this game with K’Boo (just 5 years)  and I thought that she might need some time to get used to it… she is after all learning to read (albeit rather rapidly) and is learning ‘new’ words every day.

She was wide-eyed with the colourful pieces and after just one practice run was into the game like “I KNOW what to do Mummy”.

Linking games that are colourful and durable like this one by Orchard Toys to what children are currently learning is genius. It reinforces what they know and encourages them to show off their skills, whilst learning new ones.

K’Boo didn’t need the rhyme guide as she recognised the sounds that the words made and made a huge point of pointing these out as she ‘stole’ our rhyme card tokens and built her pile higher. She did of course win!

This game is suitable for all children aged 5-9. As well as being fun, the colourful, well illustrated pictures will help your child (whatever level of reading they understand) to identify rhyming sounds and recognise how they are written.

From a social aspect, playing games that require turn taking and build on educational skills, promote social skills like sharing, patience, respect, praise and give confidence to your child as they learn new skills.

The verdict:  Rhyme Robber is a HIT – HonieLikes!

Disclaimer:  I am not an employer of Orchard Toys, nor do I receive payment or compensation for my reviews. I have received this product on the terms that I give my own opinion and use all of my own photographs and words and choose the links. All of the photos (except for the last, which is visible on Orchard Toys Website) are my own and subject to Copyright.

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4 Responses to Rhyme Robber – A Steal from Orchard Toys

  1. Brilliant review, thanks so much HonieMummy, certainly seems to have gone down well with K’Boo, who sounds as bright as a button. Do hope it becomes an established HonieHome classic!

    • I recently invested in IKEA Trofast units and based the size of the plastic boxes on the amount of Orchard Toys boxes I could get in them – then bought 3 units in total. I call it forward planning lol

  2. TheBoyandMe says:

    This is one of the games that I can’t wait to play with The Boy when he reaches that stage, they are such good resources.

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