Orchard Toys – Where’s My Cupcake? Review and Competition

Where’s My Cupcake? The answer to this would normally be followed by in HoniesKitchen, because like many families with young children, cupcakes are something we like to bake every now and then as often as we can!

I have being dying to tell you about a game I received not too long ago from Orchard Toys called incidentally – Where’s My Cupcake!

It is a game for children (and big kids like HonieDaddy and Me) of 3+ and is suitable for 2-4 players. This game has been played lots of times by us now (sometimes several times a day) as K’Boo (the 5 year old games expert of the family) is absolutely in love with it.

It’s a game that encourages children to share and be polite, as well as to use their skills in finding pairs, by sheer luck or by using their memory. They will get very excited as they build a tower of successful pairs and part of the game is to offer cakes to other players if you are unable to match and another player has the opportunity saying …

“Would you like a cupcake”

The response naturally is …

“Oh yes thank you”

This game is typically Orchard Toys, with very colourful, thick card pieces that will encourage your children to play for many years to come and still be in good condition to pass on when they have outgrown it.

The game comes with a guide to all of the cupcakes, to help your children remember which ones there are to pair up to and a lovely cupcake recipe on the reverse showing you how to make and ice your own cupcakes. Also included are 4 colourful plate boards, 40 fabulously decorated cupcake cards and an instruction leaflet.

The Educational Guide says it encorages communication, sharing and playing together and has been designed for:

  • Encouraging observation, matching and counting skills
  • Link with Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum Key Stage 1
  • Develop social communication, sharing co-operation and manners

I have to agree that they tick all the boxes and that this game is fun for all ages from 3 upwards.

Making the cupcakes gives an added element of education in the kitchen and I wholeheartedly recommend involving the children as an extended lesson: in numeracy (measuring and counting the ingredients); literacy & communication skills (following the recipe and discussing what’s needed); science (mixing and watching the ingredients take form and change shape). Besides which its a lot a fun and a nice tasty treat.

The verdict is an absolutely, most definitely HonieLikes!

If you would like to win one of these games for your children, then all you have to do to enter the competition is:

  1. Search for an easy cupcake recipe on my blog (via HoniesKitchen in the menu up there, if you are stuck)
  2. ‘Like’ that post (and this one) and ‘maybe’ make some cupcakes.
  3. Please ‘do’ leave a comment on this blog telling me about your favourite cup cakes. You can even post a link to a photo if you like.
  • So thats Like this post
  • Like the other cupcake post (you can find in HoniesKitchen)
  • Leave a comment about your favourite cupcakes on this blog post
Easy Peasy!

The competition is open until Sunday, 17th June at 9.00pm – so plenty of time to bake some yummy cup cakes if you like and tell me about them here (dont forget to ‘like’ the cupcake recipe post and this one).

Sorry, open to UK entries only.

There is a link there for a perfect buttercream recipe also on my blog (with measurements according to the size and number of your cake) if you want to use for this or future cake making.

Good Luck and have fun 😮

Of course you could follow me on Twitter (@honieBuk) and my blog (over in the right hand column of this page), that would be nice – but it’s your choice!

You could also follow Linda at @OrchardToys which I would recommend – but again, your choice!

Check out ‘Where’s My Cupcake” or Orchard Toys website along with lots of other fabulous games and jigsaws for children of all ages.

Disclaimer: oh yes and the small print … this is not a sponsored post and I do not work for nor am I a relative of anyone at Orchard Toys. However, they did send me the game to review because they know I like their board games very much and the very lovely Linda will send out the prize to the winner directly, as soon as I notify her of your contact details. The photographs and the links are provided by myself and the entire content is of my own choosing.

About HonieMummy (HonieBuk)

Vegan Mama. Organic Gardener. Guider. Admin for Veganuary and run my own Plant Based /Dairy Free page. Mum to 3, Wife to 1. Allotment holder and growing from home. Currently trying 'Back to Eden' method and studying a Diploma in Organic Gardening. Guide Leader and all round Super Woman (well trying to be) 😁🌱
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9 Responses to Orchard Toys – Where’s My Cupcake? Review and Competition

  1. Thanks HonieMummy for another very fine review! Am so pleased that the game went down well with your children, as well as you and HonieDaddy! Thanks for pointing out, so aptly, the extra learning potential there is in following the cupcake recipe, not to mention the pleasure in eating the finished result!

    • It’s a pleasure. I can’t complain for having happy, entertained children and the games are always so nice. We love baking in our house and this game makes such a great connection to follow up with. The learning and fun just go on and on ……

  2. Rob-Bee says:

    I simply adore lemon curd cupcakes!

  3. jennylaidlaw says:

    Looks yummy,cupcakes are very in at the moment. I had a fab decorating class recently and its my new hobby!

  4. Helen says:

    We’ve been playing Crazy Chefs here today! I love cupcakes.

  5. andreacrk says:

    Also played the game and had fun, my lot and I like ALL cupcakes

  6. Eileen Teo says:

    Went to a cupcake class few months ago and realised it is not easy to pipe or cream a cupcake. They need skills. Mine look a bit like messy poo on my cupcake!

    Now I just buy from shop!

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