Is Heaven a Place in Whitefield?

For those of you who know me (even in a virtual sense), you’ll definitely know my Guilty Pleasure is ‘Chocolate’. I was knicknamed ‘Chocoholic’ as a child and I have no plans to be cured … Ever!

You see, from time to time HonieDaddy has the hard task of attending meetings that are sometimes not so difficult to feel comfortable in like The Rheged Centre, or San Carlo in Manchester or yesterday’s comfort zone:

Slattery’s of Whitefield!



Looks painful, doesn’t it? No! I know. I have to say it beats my: lounge slumming; shopping in Sainsbury’s; lunch in the car (as it was yesterday); School Run and stopping myself from killing harming the kids who are driving me bonkers, while trying to make the dinner.

I was rewarded for my slummy, rushy, stressy day when HonieDaddy had finished work.

On his return from a hard day’s graft yeterday – HonieDaddy had brought home a box of goodies – Oh yes, they are very goody indeed!

  • Apple and cinnamon cake with ginger icing
  • Chocolate lollipops for the kids
  • A box of chocolate fondant cup cakes
  • A lush little bag of real chocolate for making ‘hot chocolate’

I am at a loss as to how I shall produce pictures of the cake – we ate it! But it was divine and the ginger icing had moist ginger crystals in. I have no idea what happened to the lollipops either – they disappeared before I could take a photo of them.

If you know of Slattery’s in Whitefield – you will already know their reputation is well deserved and the quality of their products can only be described as ‘exquisite’.

At Slattery’s you can admire and buy cakes and gateaux that are stunning and taste terrific, you can buy gorgeous gifts of hand-made chocolate and cakes, order celebration cakes of excellence, discuss your wedding cake, make a reservation to dine at Slattery’s in their period dining rooms (the list seems endless) and … you can even attend chocolate courses to start you off in a small business with all the information and skills you need to succeed in working with chocolate. Sign me up now!

Warning: the following video will have you ditching your Slimming World membership and heading off to Whitefield.…

If I haven’t tempted you enough already, follow Slattery’s on Twitter, gander at their blogspot – do take a look at their website and browse through the lists of options that will have you drooling with anticipation of what your guilty pleasure might turn out to be.

I guess you could say that HonieLikes!


About HonieMummy (HonieBuk)

Vegan Mama. Organic Gardener. Guider. Admin for Veganuary and run my own Plant Based /Dairy Free page. Mum to 3, Wife to 1. Allotment holder and growing from home. Currently trying 'Back to Eden' method and studying a Diploma in Organic Gardening. Guide Leader and all round Super Woman (well trying to be) 😁🌱
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2 Responses to Is Heaven a Place in Whitefield?

  1. Expat Mammy says:

    Yummy, jealous!!

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