It’s what HonieLikes – Pampered Chef (my new love affair)

I’m having fun, keeping busy and doing what Honie likes to do best, well I hope you think I do my best! And where does The Pampered Chef fit in with this new found fun and busying of myself.

I love to share, I love to network and I absolutely love to tell the world when I find something that I like (a lot).

Couple that with the fact that I absolutely love to cook and especially when the products I’m using are fit for the job like no other product seems to be.

Don’t even get me started on gadgets that save time and look snazzy, but unfortunately take more time to assemble beforehand or far too much time to clean afterwards – by that I mean anytime longer than sticking it in the dishwasher and expecting it to come out spick and span, ready to use.

I have discovered another maker of anodised aluminium pans (better than the ones I originaly had – given that the guarantee is better not just the pans).

I have discovered ‘Stoneware‘ and can understand the aptly named Facebook Page for the Consultants that swear it’s the best thing to almost make it back into their kitchen cupboards before using it again …. Stoneware Huggers!

I have discovered fuss-free cooking, dishwashable gadgetry, easy to use products, guarantees that put their money where their mouth is and a customer service that has up to know had me jaw droppingly satisfied.

There’s Cookware, Stoneware, Kitchenware, Bakeware, Cutlery, Speciality Cutting Tools and Cutting Companions, Bamboo Collection, Entertaining, Outdoor and Cookbooks.

I have also met up with a very supportive, inventive and intuitive team of colleagues who have an enthusiasm for their cause that oozes confidence and makes me feel – I have found a role that suits my hours, personal needs, family time, travel limitations, financial needs and to boot gives me all of the products I love to try, test and be creative with in HoniesKitchen and I’m smiling at the end of the day.

I have received the kit, done the launch show, done the training, received more products, delivered lots more and now I’ve completed my first month of Cooking Shows and I’m ‘officially’ …. drum roll …. a qualified Pampered Chef Consultant.

They’ll let me have my own website now, lol.

Can you remember the last time you popped down to John Lewis, M&S, Tesco, British Home Stores or Selfridges and they offered you a cup of tea or a glass of wine, then after telling you a little about their products and re-assured you personally of their cusomer service and guarantees they invited you to try the product as you would in your own kitchen, take care of the washing up for you and then after choosing which products you liked, asked you to choose one of 3 or 4 products valued at £10-15 free of charge (as a thank you for your spend). Then, if ou liked the product so much, invited you to get approximately £50-70 pounds worth of products free of charge with the addition of half-proce items and combinations, then gave you up to 30% off any other products they sold.

No! You are shopping with the wrong company, my friend – step this way.

If you want to know more about why I think Pampered Chef is a fabulous way to run your own business:  have all the support you can possibly need; demonstrating (well actually the cooking show guests do all the demonstrating) excellent products and seeing happy Hosts receive lots of FREE and seriously discounted products for their hospitality; working less time than part time at a supermarket checkout and earning twice as much – then look no further (unless you want to see some very tasty recipes) and drop me a line as soon as you have our feet up and feel comfortable asking me any questions you want (about Pampered Chef, of course!).  I could arrange a chit chat of other sorts, another time 😮

This could be the answer to the healthy balance between career and family you’ve been looking for

Or, if you would like to get a few friends together to host ‘your own’ Cooking Show, trying out the products while making a Pampered Chef Recipe of your choice and then sitting back and enjoying what you made earlier with a glass of wine (or cup of tea) while your friends browse the catalogue looking for the their favourite products – ‘do’ drop me a line.

Seriously, I have been a consultant of many products with many companies over the years and I am at a loss as to how I could not be happy to promote and use Pampered Chef for fuss-free cooking and a way to make even my above average cooking skills look tremendous and taste sensational.

Will my love for Pampered Chef last as long as the lifetime guarantee they have on their Executive Cookware – I think it just might!

Disclaimer:  Pampered Chef do not pay me to tell you these things, I do of course  (if you want me to arrange a Cooking Show for you) recieve commision on sales – but as a host, you actually recieve more than I do! I can assure you that if you ‘do’ host a Cooking Show,  Pampered Chef will give you points for products just for hosting the show and then some more for the show being closed and ready to submit, along with points for sales, future bookings and orders of 15 or more people – it’s all about points and for hosting, closing and 1 future bookig you can pick up a FREE piece of Stoneware. In the unlikely event you or your guests don’t like your product in the first 30 days, you will be able to sit at home while a van driver collects it from you free of charge and you will recieve a refund or replacement.  I can also tell you that all products come with at least 12 months guarantee, most come with 3 years guarantee and some even have a lifetime guarantee. You might even start to hear from your friends that they already have Pampered Chef products and simply love them.

About HonieMummy (HonieBuk)

Vegan Mama. Organic Gardener. Guider. Admin for Veganuary and run my own Plant Based /Dairy Free page. Mum to 3, Wife to 1. Allotment holder and growing from home. Currently trying 'Back to Eden' method and studying a Diploma in Organic Gardening. Guide Leader and all round Super Woman (well trying to be) 😁🌱
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