HELP WHIP CANCER® Fundraiser – Food + Fun = FUNDS

HELP WHIP CANCER® Fundraiser with Pampered Chef

Each October, up to 25% of each Help Whip Cancer® Fundraiser Show’s total sales will be donated to Cancer Research UK. The money you raise supports vital research into all aspects of breast cancer. Over £1 million pounds has been donated since 2007.

Your Lancashire Consultant is: Lynne Moores-France

* details of how to get invites at bottom of this post.


Gather your friends, family and colleagues for a Cooking Show Fundraiser.

You can purchase all of the special Help Whip Cancer Pink/Paisley products in the middle picture and Pampered Chef will donate £1 for each one sold.

  • Paisley Oven Mitt – £10.50
  • Pink Classic Scraper – £10.75
  • Paisley Oven Pad – £8.25
  • Cake Tester – £3.75

As an exclusive offer, I will personally combine all of these products and the New Individual Brownie Tin (normally £18.75) and the Seasons Best Cookbook (normally £2.50) for £45.00 (saving £1.25) – then you will be able to choose a FREE gift from Pampered Chef of either:


You can see all of these items on the Pampered Chef Website under Guest Offers

Everyone who attends a Cooking Show will:

  • Try our innovative, multifunctional kitchen tools.
  • Learn to prepare impressive recipes quickly.
  • Enjoy the tasty results.
  • Relax and have fun!

Following this fun, interactive demonstration, we invite you and  your guests to place orders. People love our high-quality products. And we have a wide variety at every price level, so everyone can support efforts to raise money for your organisation.

Your organisation or charity receives up to 25% of the Show’s total sales!

In addition to the £’s raised for the sale of the pink/paisley products.

Fundraiser Facts

Your charity or organisation receives:

  • 25% for fundraisers with £800 or more in show sales.
  • 20% for those between £400 – £799.99 in show sales.
  • 15% for those between £150 – £3099.99 in show sales
  • For each confirmed new Show booked at your  fundraiser, Cancer Research receives an additional £2.50 donation.
  • All donations are made in  the form of a cheque from The Pampered Chef®, and are in lieu of host benefits.

Note: To qualify as a Cooking Show Fundraiser, guest sales must total a minimum of £150.  Percentages are based upon total guest sales before shipping.  Future bookings include Cooking Shows, Catalogue Shows and Cooking Show Fundraisers.


To book a Pampered Chef Fundraising Show in the Lancashire, please contact  your Pampered Chef Consultant Lynne Moores-France ….
Facebook:   Lynne’s Pampered Chef Page – 

*Consultants/Hosts: If you would like to download  an A4 Sheet of Help Whip Cancer Invitations (PDF) then please drop me a message or email me and I will gladly send them to you.


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