Save the Kitty

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I have been posted a photo of a gorgeous cat that needs re-housing near to where I live. He was abandoned by his owners and has been taken in and taken care of by my local vet, where my own gorgeous cats (Nochi Blue Boy and Tilly Tiger Socks) are registered.

This pulls at my heart strings as most of you know that I have two very gorgeous and well looked after pedigree cats. I didn’t initially choose to have a cat and Tilly only came to me in May 2011, because HonieDaddy knew I wouldn’t have another cat (after loosing one 12 years previously) but knew of my love for the bigger variety of cats (namely tigers).

Tilly is a Bengal, which are actually bred from Asian Leopard Cats, but the latin name Prionailurus Bengalensis makes people believe there is a tiger connection and the leg markings are very tiger-like!

HonieDaddy brought Tilly home at 12 weeks old from a very reputable breeder and it was love at first sight – she is my baby!

Nochi is a Russian Blue and a very loyal and loving breed of cat, that will eat you out of house and home and give you lots of love.

I was going to get a 2nd Bengal for HonieDaddy, six months later but he saw the Russian Blue’s and it was love at first sight. He has grown to a bigger size than Tilly (as he is male) but is not at all aggresive  – both cats are very playful, have an obsession with cardboard boxes, which we receive a lot of in the HonieHouse and get on very well (although Tilly did give him a hard time at first). She is now 19 months old and he is 15 months old.

Tilly has been very poorly recently and developed Triaditis (a disease in the liver, pancreas and intestines). We could have lost her, but thanks to our vet and a course of treatment and checks, she is coping very well on a diet that is prescribed and suits her well – she is currently diving on Nochi and chewing his ear so that he’ll play with her.

Going back to the kitty that has been abandoned … my friend posted me details of this cat, thinking at first he was a Burmese and today posted me a picture saying he is a Bengal!!!

He is in good health and is one year old and in need of a loving home. I have no doubt that we will love him very much – my predicament is ‘will my current kitties love him’.

Bengals have a tendancy to be rather large cats (the males bigger than the females). Nochi is larger than Tilly (she is female and I think her illness has stunted her growth). Both my cats are neutered and this will also keep their growth as well as their hormones in check.

The male Bengal at the vets is not yet neutered and may already have been crossed by a breeder who is not responsible. Neutering  pedigrees that are sold as pets are a responsible way of keeping breeding under control and also pose no value to a cat thief who wants to make money out of them. Bengals and Russian Blues value at approx £400-500 for domestic use – more if they are in a good breed line. But it is essential with Bengals that they are responsibly bred because of their ‘wild’ history. Bengals that are bred responisbly are very loving and ‘very’ playful cats.

The question is – do I adopt this kitty? Or is it unfair to my own kitty’s to take on another cat that may present a bonding issue?


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