Pampered Chef Freebies for a Fabulous New Year

Well, if you’ve been following some of my Pampered Chef Moments in HoniesKitchen  you would know that there are some fabulous offers for both Hosts and Guests at Pampered Chef Cooking Shows lately.

October saw Hosts earn the usual perks of lots of points, discount and half, but in addition the opportunity to receive their own Springform Pan, the fabulous Trifle Bowl and a selection of Silicone Spatulas & Scrapers and for Guests received the ever popular Measure All Cup, Creative Cutters Set and the New Multi Scraper for each £45 spend.

November Host Specials will see Hosts receive some fabulous Cooking Essentials in time for Christmas including the Round Covered Baker, Mini Tart Pans, Measuring Cup Set and Simple Slicer FREE with £285 – £485 or more in guest sales. And November Guest Specials include the Stainless Mini Whisk, Bar Board and Biscuit Cutters.

If you book a Cooking Show in December and invite your friends round for a bit of a pre- Christmas tipple, here’s what Pampered Chef will reward you and your friends.

The December Host Special Offers are simply fabulous and are awarded in addition to the usual Host Benefits* : –

Level 1 – FREE (£20.50 value!)

Receive the 250ml Prep Bowl Set FREE with £285-£384.99 in Guest Sales

Level 2 – FREE (£53.00 value)

Receive the 250ml Prep Bowl Set and the Forged Cutlery 13cm Utility Knife FREE with £385- £484.99 in Guest Sales

Level 3 – FREE (£99.00 value)

Receive the 250ml Prep Bowl Set and the Forged Cutlery 13cm Utility Knife and the 12-cup Muffin Pan FREE with £485 or more in Guest Sales

For booking your own Cooking Show (any month of the year) there are lots of Host Benefits*

Pampered Chef award 900 points, for 15-20 orders a further 300 points, 21 or more orders another 325 points, for each Show Booking from your friends (or re-book your own Cooking Show) Pampered Chef awards 200 points (per show), based on your customer spend Pampered Chef award between 375 and 3,100 points and finally for closing the show and all orders and payments ready to submit – another 150 points! So when your Consultant asks you to make up a wish list from the Website or the Catalogue, you can see that there are lots of items you can receive FREE of charge. Points = FREE GIFTS of your choice.

In addition as the Host of a Cooking Show, you can receive up to 3 Half Price Items. To make this even more exciting, you can choose for each of these, an item from the catalogue or 1 of 4 Half Price Combos (a selection of items chosen by Pampered Chef to choose as one choice) or you can convert Half Price Items into Points.

If that wasn’t enough – Pampered Chef also give Hosts between 15 – 30% Discount on any additional spend they make from the catalogue.

Surely not more – If your spend after discount comes to £45 or more, you can choose one or more of the Guest Specials of the month as a FREE Gift.

To conclude – Pampered Chef give all Hosts 10% Discount on any spend they make on products for a whole year from the date of their Cooking Show (another good reason to book a follow-up show, to ensure you always get discount).

*To qualify for Host Benefits a Cooking Show must have a minimum of £150 in customer spend.

December Guest Specials:

For any orders placed at Cooking Shows, Catalogue Shows and Fundraisers between December 1st and 31st 2012, Pampered Chef will Reward all Guests and Hosts (using their discounted spend) for each and every £45 spend with one of the following fabulous gifts for their Christmas List:

FREE (£11.50 value)

Small Flexible Cutting Mats

FREE (£11.25 value)

Large Micro-Cooker

FREE (£11.25 value)

Microplane Zester

To Book your own Cooking Show, leave me a comment below or click on the link Pampered Moments in HoniesKitchen and leave me a message there. I will contact you to discuss the best day and time of your Cooking Show and give you a Host Pack with all of the details and tips you need to hold a successful Cooking Show and 25 colourful invitations to hand out to your guests. I will then keep in touch until the date of your Cooking Show, discussing recipes, offers (for you and your guests) and tips to ensure maximum guests and orders for your Cooking Show and therefore maximum Host Benefits for yourself.

If you want to hear about all of the latest offers, want to know when your favourite product is on offer or to receive the latest recipes from Pampered Chef – leave me a message on my Facebook Page Pampered Moments in HoniesKitchen


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