Eden Awaits

I’m very pleased with myself today. I filled that huge barrow 10 times, with 40 shovels at a time and pushed it downhill from the woodchip pile.


I’d done the same a couple of weeks ago (as well as laying more visquine) and it didn’t look quite the same.


With just a bit in the middle needing to be done (2 barrows/80 shovels), I was getting that done!!! Raked in place, more ballast carried to the plot (they’re heavy bags, so doing a few at a time).


I can see progress now and I’m almost ready to get the groundwork done and the shed (8×6 foot) up in time for Winter.

I went back a few hours later, as someone thought they’d lost their cat at the allotment. I couldn’t resist a couple more barrows (80 or so shovels), but dug down for some well composted woodchip this time. I’m pleased I did, as you can see the difference where I layered it on top of existing chip and this part is ready for growing into. Just another 10-20 barrows of the same to cover what I’ve done!


It doesn’t look a lot and you can’t tell how big the plot is.. But the Barrow is in the middle and so what’s on the other side is as much again!


I just wish the woodchip pile wasn’t uphill and this far away from my plot.


My plan is ‘Back to Eden’ gardening and I’m doing an Organic Gardening Diploma to show me the way.


About HonieMummy (HonieBuk)

Vegan Mama. Organic Gardener. Guider. Admin for Veganuary and run my own Plant Based /Dairy Free page. Mum to 3, Wife to 1. Allotment holder and growing from home. Currently trying 'Back to Eden' method and studying a Diploma in Organic Gardening. Guide Leader and all round Super Woman (well trying to be) 😁🌱
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