About HonieMummy

Thanks for dropping by to see my WebPage. I’ve been posting stuff on here for a wee while now.  Well I’m not new to the likes of networking or dishing out advice as (prior to staying at home with 2nd child) I was an Advanced Sports Therapist and Adv. Holistic Therapist – once with my own treatment room, doing home visits and also working out of a private hospital (so ‘Life Coaching’ and general advice are what I’m used to). These days my networking is with my local branch of the NCT, here and on Twitter/Facebook and through forums like NetMums.

I’m a keen traveller and have been lucky enough to venture across the ‘big pond’ a few times. It’s been my intention to write about my travels and give tips about how to enjoy it best (when I get the time, remind me to do this).

On ones travels, I have had the advantage of a nice piece of kit to record memories and those amazing sights – taking literally thousands of photos (expect to see some of that). And now I’m a bit more established in blogging, I like to join in with a few photo projects – you might see some of my studio/location work too!

HonieDaddy loves audio as well as photography and travel, has a nifty bit of audio kit that wacks the house insurance up, but boy it sounds good! So, I get to appreciate music much more these days and find time to listen to it also (expect a bit of what I think there).

We like to do a bit of cooking, experimenting and definitely tasting in the HonieHouse. Cooking with kids is a great way to teach them how to take care of themselves and also for them to experiment with food as well as gain essential life skills. You can find much more of this in HoniesKitchen and expect to find links to other sites – there are lots of Foody Bloggers on here and you can’t beat a bit of cake to share.

Also, how could I be a Mum (inc. Step-Mum) to 3 amazing children and married to a rather nice, scrummy bloke and not include them in my blog –  please do expect me to talk about them!

I hope that whatever I talk about – you like what you read and find it refreshing. Let me know if you do like it (in the comments box) and let me know what you like about it most – you might influence my choices! Feel free to add me to your ‘following’ list (you can subscrible in the right column) and to ask me to check out your own blogging world – it’s nice to receive an invite, a privilege even. Also, as I sincerely believe that networking is like karma (what goes around comes around) – if I like what I see, I will pass it on!

I am happy to review products – I’m even PR friendly 🙂 But I’ll only review products that are relevant to the HonieHouse (that is my family of HonieDaddy and 3 children, aged  15, 14 & 7) or a product that I am passionate about – please ask first! You’ll find more about this in HonieLikes (and Why HonieLikes – Reviews/competitions).

You can Follow me on Twitter (@Honiebuk), pinning on the boards of Pinterest as Lynne M F and I’ll get round to that Facebook link soon 😮

Look out for some fresh produce soon …………  Lynne xXx


4 Responses to About HonieMummy

  1. Harry Jones says:

    Hi Lynne!

    I can’t believe I am only writing to you now..I have just been made aware of all the lovely things you have said about The Land of Me and I wanted to ask you if you would like to review it on your site?

    I have unlocked all the chapters for you. So now when you launch The Land of Me you will see ‘download’ buttons for all the chapters. Click these one at a time to download them onto your computer…then start adventuring!

    Hope you and Kboo have fun!

    • Hi Harry

      Would I like to – I would love to :o) I have promised myself that I would only review products that me and my family would use and like or that I am totally passionate about – I think you tick all the boxes here. I would love to review, the first chapter was wonderful and I can’t wait to spend time with K’Boo looking at the others. Please bear with us and we will post the results and happy smiles as soon as we have had a read and play. Thanks for asking xXx

  2. Lynne says:

    Hi there, We love your blog – do you have an email addy too please? Lynne @minisocial.co.uk

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