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17/366 Apples in the HonieHouse #Project366

You don’t have to look far to find Apples in the HonieHouse – find a Honie and you’ve found an Apple. It’s day 17/366 and for my #Project366 I could have used a pad, a number of pods, phones, or … Continue reading

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Vaginas, Periods and the Mooncup!

Why would someone, anyone, me, you, your best girlie friend want to use a Mooncup? What the squidgy once a month fannies is a Mooncup anyway? It sounds like something I’d read in a children’s story book …. Cotton Rabbit … Continue reading

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Get Smart With Your Energy & Save Money

Teaching your children to stay safe comes high on all parents lists, explaining that we recycle and shouldn’t leave the tap on are simple and necessary too! Schools are now introducing content to the curriculum to help children understand finance … Continue reading

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Action at the Speed of Light – WowWee Light Strike Review

Action at the speed of Light with Light Strike Laser Combat Weapons. I was recently asked to review a whole load of kit by Wowwee Light Strike and the idea of jumping around with laser combat rifles and gadgets to … Continue reading

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Test Tube Wonders – Science for 4 Year Olds

So how did K’Boo my four year old come to be making Rainbow Crystals from a Science Kit? O’Pops got a ‘Science Kit’ from his Auntie over in Canada – she used to be a Science Teacher over here. O’Pops … Continue reading

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Post The Most by Orchard Toys (Review & Competition)

Does HonieLike Orchard Toys?  Was I pleased when Lynda of Orchard Toys asked me to review Post the Most from their Family selection of games? Mmmmh! We have a ‘few’ of Orchard Toys games and they are in pristine condition. … Continue reading

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Smile – it’s not all about smelly breath!! #HonieLikes

I was recently asked to review a set of products for dental care. Well I do brush my teeth every day and so this is naturally relevant to me (and the family). But wait!  There’s more to it than that. … Continue reading

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My New Training Companion – SIGG (competition)

Read on to enter the COMPETITION to win ‘your choice’ of SIGG Eco Bottle … I have recently found a new companion to train with: he keeps me company; compliments the look I want; fits in well with the environment … Continue reading

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HonieLikes, HonieLoves The Land of Me

On checking out the ‘new’ website of Made in Me’s fabulous software for children ‘The Land of Me’ after they announced their partnership with Ladybird Books – I found myself reading one of the comments I made ‘before’ writing my … Continue reading

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Perfect Playlist #1 – Being a Parent

I pressed this post from @RobMoores1   Simply click below to read more Perfect Playlist #1 – Being a Parent. It’s a great post and well worth a visit to his website to see what other interesting music, audio, travel, photography … Continue reading

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