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My Favourite Christmas Song

I was tagged recently by @Kateab from The Five F’s Blog to tell everyone what my favourite Christmas song is. She was tagged by Garry from The Blog Up North. Music is played everyday in the Honiehouse – some of the stuff … Continue reading

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Music as Therapy (tears allowed)

I spotted Mammy Woo’s meme ‘Music as Therapy‘ over at @TheBoyandMe Blog. I wanted to be tagged as soon as I saw it and my little *ahem* collosal whingy tantrum led to me getting offers for tags 😮 So when … Continue reading

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Perfect Playlist #1 – Being a Parent

I pressed this post from @RobMoores1   Simply click below to read more Perfect Playlist #1 – Being a Parent. It’s a great post and well worth a visit to his website to see what other interesting music, audio, travel, photography … Continue reading

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House of Linn – Akurate that is! A Hit in the HonieHouse

This post leads you to a guest post for a review of the Linn Akurate DS audio system by HonieDaddy and you can find more of my comments here. But what did HonieMummy really think and is this HonieLikes a … Continue reading

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The rest is still unwritten

You see ….. Since the beginning of December (despite needing to) I haven’t ‘even’ been near the gym.  No, I’m not a fitness fanatic that is suffering from withdrawl – my two main reasons for going are: I have a dodgy … Continue reading

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