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Apple and Coconut Muffins (with coconut iced topping)

Adding fruit to muffins and cakes like these Apple and Coconut Muffins is not only a healthy option (making up for 1 of your five a day) but it also makes them lovely and moist. In addition, coconut is a … Continue reading

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How to Look After Stoneware

Baking with Stoneware is one of the oldest methods of cooking food and this traditional method has many advantages including: Even heat distribution No moisture build up under food Moisture within food is maintained No flavour transfer from strong smelling … Continue reading

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Today I was reminded of a loss that cut so deep ….

Because there is nothing I can say that will change the way you feel at the loss of your Mother ….. Today I was reminded of a loss that cuts so deep Of someone irreplaceable, when life is incomplete I … Continue reading

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Orchard Toys – Where’s My Cupcake? Review and Competition

Where’s My Cupcake? The answer to this would normally be followed by in HoniesKitchen, because like many families with young children, cupcakes are something we like to bake every now and then as often as we can! I have being … Continue reading

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Rhyme Robber – A Steal from Orchard Toys

A parcel  arrives here at the HonieHouse and I know before I open it that we are not going to be disappointed. Nochi checks the box , all sound and perfectly packaged – no mistake who this is from – … Continue reading

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I’m an Orchard Toys Fan

I’m an Orchard Toys Fan – well of course I am!!! I’m a Mum! Amongst other things, but of course being a Mum takes some serious priorities in your life. That said, juggling those priorities is difficult, if not near … Continue reading

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Plum Oaty Chomps in the HonieHouse (Pumpkin Pie & Strawberry Cheescake)

I’m delighted to have Plum Oaty Chomps in the HonieHouse.  We are testing Pumpkin Pie and Strawberry Cheescake Oaty Chomps and they are going to be additions to K’Boo’s lunch box. Why did I agree to test them out? I’m … Continue reading

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19/366 Thank you for Inviting me to Tea #Project366

Today is 19/366 and while I’m busy snapping photies for my #Project366, I’m also planning a birthday party (and Birthday) for my almost 5 year old. She has given me the list and everyone on it is very important – … Continue reading

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12/366 Harry & his Bucket (which was blue) #Project366

This is a picture K’Boo did in school. Their latest subject of study is ‘Dinosaurs’. She’s loving it! And she loves to draw. Her writing is coming on nicely too – she is 5 in just over a week’s time. … Continue reading

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10/366 Whisper it To Me – Secretive Sisters #Project366

We are on day 10/366 of #Project366 and it’s starting to get second nature to think about this project when taking pictures. Capturing images of my day is already something that comes naturally – now I just need to get … Continue reading

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