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Fruit Loaf (made in the bread maker)

The smell of bread baking in the kitchen is so memorable, you want to repeat this every day. The smell of fruit loaf baking in your kitchen is like Easter, Christmas and visits to Grannie’s house all rolled into one. … Continue reading

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Making your own Bread …. includes recipe (and the benefits of ‘not buying’ shop bought bread)

Why make your own bread? Why would I not want to buy bread from the supermarket? There is a recipe for Crusty White Bread and links for other bread recipes at the end of this post, but to answer the … Continue reading

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Tasty American Style Pancakes in HoniesKitchen (inc. gluten, sugar, dairy free)

Here’s how to make tasty American style pancakes for the kids (including the big kids) and you can even choose to make them gluten, sugar and dairy free! This recipe is extremely easy and fun for the kids to join … Continue reading

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Food Bloggers Unplugged

I have been tagged by Linzi @LancashireFood to take part in the fun of #foodbloggersunplugged  It’s an inspired idea to get to know a little bit about the faces of those who write great blogs about yummy food (if I … Continue reading

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American Pancakes with a twist (of Ginger & Mango Wensleydale)

What’s cooking in HoniesKitchen today: I love pancakes, I love the ‘All American Breakfast’ (with pancakes – or waffles), but I gotta say it, us Brits are a lot better at tickling the taste buds when it comes to recipes … Continue reading

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