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White Crusty Loaf of Bread (made in the bread maker)

Bread made by yourself tastes so much better and using the bread maker makes it so much easier. Whilst it still takes 3 and a half hours to make (all the work is done for you) and the magic of … Continue reading

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Wholemeal Loaf of Bread (made in the breadmaker)

This is an easy recipe for a half and half wholemeal/white loaf, that I feel makes for a better homemade loaf than wholemeal alone when using a breadmaker. It will be full of wholemeal goodness, uses as much milk as … Continue reading

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Lemon Drizzle Cake with Lemon Buttercream Filling – the Food of Love

Originally posted on HonieMummy Blog:
  One sure way of putting a smile on the face of HonieDaddy is to give him what he wants *cough* and he is easily pleased with anything ‘LEMON’ –  lemon meringue, lemon cheesecake, lemon…

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Making your own Bread …. includes recipe (and the benefits of ‘not buying’ shop bought bread)

Why make your own bread? Why would I not want to buy bread from the supermarket? There is a recipe for Crusty White Bread and links for other bread recipes at the end of this post, but to answer the … Continue reading

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For my Teenage Daughter and her Friends

FOR MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER AND HER FRIENDS: I haven’t blogged in a while …. I’ve found it hard, have had priorities and personal stuff to deal with….. as a parent, my personal stuff often takes a back seat…. as a … Continue reading

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White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Cups

White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Cups One of the best things about Halloween, is the food you can create. Pumpkins make great decorations and are great festive fun, but you can use the flesh scooped out before carving to make some … Continue reading

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Today I was reminded of a loss that cut so deep ….

Because there is nothing I can say that will change the way you feel at the loss of your Mother ….. Today I was reminded of a loss that cuts so deep Of someone irreplaceable, when life is incomplete I … Continue reading

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Just Married!

On a crisp, cold November morning just last week the Honies woke to the tune of kitty cats and the feeling of anticipation as on that day, long awaited in many plans, the wedding of Mrs HonieBuk and OH was … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Patience AND a Lesson for my Cynicism

I came across the ususual sweet story on Facebook today (A Sweet Lesson on Patience, published by Wimp.com) – you know the kind that although there is a message to listen to, it is often not true and manufactured to … Continue reading

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Pampered Chef Promises a Magical Christmas for Hosts and their Guests

Well, if you’ve been following some of my Pampered Chef Moments in HoniesKitchen  you would know that there are some fabulous offers for both Hosts and Guests at Pampered Chef Cooking Shows for both Christmas and the New Year. Please do … Continue reading

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